Raffle prize box

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raffle prize box
raffle prize box

This is a box you won as a prize in a raffle. Well, actually, it's a box that contains the prize you won in the raffle. The box isn't actually the prize. That would be pretty lame, even at a box social. Anyway, what's inside will probably make you rofl with delight, if you're the kind of person who is really annoying in internet conversations.

Type: gift package
Cannot be traded or discarded
Gift Item

(In-game plural: raffle prize boxen)
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Item number: 1534
Description ID: 588738049
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Obtained From

The Raffle House

When Used

You open the Raffle Prize Box. You don't see Jack or Charlie, but there is a shiny prize from the Raffle!
Egg.gifYou acquire an item: Raffle Prize



  • Expecting to see Jack refers to a certain children's toy. Charlie is a reference to a popular version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, where a Jack-in-the-box whose actual name is Charlie lives on The Island of Misfit Toys because, as he glumly puts it, "No child wants a Charlie-in-the-box."


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Collection data courtesy of ePeterso2 and Jicken Wings