Rain-Doh black box

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Rain-Doh black box
Rain-Doh black box

This is a box made out of jet-black, vaguely pulsating Rain-Doh. It has a little button on the side. If you press that button, two things will happen: you'll capture the soul of a monster, and someone you don't know will die. Or at least have a lingering cough.

Type: combat item (reusable)
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Makes a copy of a monster to fight later

(In-game plural: Rain-Doh black boxes)
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Item number: 5563
Description ID: 796678285
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Obtained From

can of Rain-Doh

When Used

  • Normally:
You push the button on the side of the box. It makes a scary noise, and a tiny, ghostly image of your opponent appears inside it.
Raindohboxfull.gifYou acquire an item: Rain-Doh box full of monster
  • If you try to use your Box more than 5 times in a day, or make more than 6 copies total (with the Spooky Putty sheet):
You're too scared to use this box anymore today.
  • Against monsters that can't be copied:
This monster is a little too scary for you to make a recording of it.


  • Even if you have more than one box the maximum uses per-day is 5.
  • Shares counter with Spooky Putty sheet.
  • You are allowed 6 copies a day, but can only use the Box 5 times. In order to get the other copy, you must use the Spooky Putty sheet.


  • Pressing the box's button to cause the death of someone you don't know is a reference to the short story, Button, Button, by Richard Matheson, where pushing the button on a mysterious box would grant the presser a large sum of money and cause the death of "someone you don't know". The story was later turned into an episode of the 1985 version of The Twilight Zone, and even later, was made into the film, The Box.

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