Rainbow Pearl

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When the ship reaches the coordinates you specified, a hatch opens in the deck, and a giant treasure-crane emerges from somewhere belowdecks.

"Wow," you say, "that thing's pretty impressive."

"Yeah," says the navigator, "ever since aught three, all boats are required by law to have one. It's handy, though. Watch this!"

With a clanking of chains, the crane slowly descends into the water. After a few moments, the movement is reversed and the crane emerges from the ocean and swings back over the deck of the ship.

Shimmering Sand

The crane opens, and a handful of shimmering, rainbow-colored sand drops onto the deck with a soft swish. You grab it, because, hey, pretty sand!

Sand2.gifYou acquire an item: shimmering rainbow sand

Rainbow Pearl (obsolete)

The clouds part and a beam of sunlight strikes the deck as the crane opens and deposits a tiny but incredibly beautiful pearl on the deck. The crew stands, transfixed by the pearl's beauty, until you grab it and shove it in your pocket.

Rainpearl.gifYou acquire an item: rainbow pearl


(124,31), (134,30), (144,29), (154,28), (164,27), (172,19), (174,26), (176,33), (178,22), (180,29), (184,25).
  • The rainbow pearl was only given to the first player to explore these eleven coordinates. Subsequent players sailing to these coordinates received the shimmering rainbow sand. As a result exactly 11 rainbow pearls were ever released to players before acquiring more became impossible.
    • A 12th pearl was made available through combing the beach, but no more rainbow pearls will be made available this way.


  • The Rainbow Pearl locations form an arrow on a map, likely a reference to the 'Rainbow Worlds' of Star Control II. These were left by an advanced race for future beings to be able to find them should the need arise, as well as being convenient toxic waste dumps. As in Star Control II, the arrow doesn't actually point to anything interesting.

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