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Interaction of familar weight and equipment with the chance of adding a part to the swarm.

Reanimated Reanimator

Grinning lunatic
He builds armies from spare parts
Weird science, indeed.


Ability: Gives stats like a volleyball, allows you to copy monsters, can act as an attack familiar/potato/barrrnacle/leprechaun/fairy equivalent.

Throne/Bjorn: +2 Mysticality Stat(s) Per Fight, sometimes drops either a hot wing or a broken skull

Hatchling: Coffinlid.gif deanimated reanimator's coffin

Familiar-Specific Equipment: Flask.gif flask of embalming fluid

Arena.gif Ultimate Cage Match Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Hide and Seek
Olive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gifOlive.gif Hardcorex.gif

Mumming Trunk Abilities:

+30% Meat Drop 4-5 MP +3 Muscle statgain +25% Item Drop +4 Mysticality statgain 8-10 HP +2 Moxie statgain
Delevel 25%* Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif
*Hover for details
Dasboot.gifCannot breathe underwater
Combat Messages
Combat Messages
  • Regular Messages:
    • <name> mixes two liquids together, and smiles broadly as the resulting solution starts to glow green.
    • <name> says, "A-ha! Eureka! I just needed a tiny bit of newt DNA in the mix!" and smiles at his success.
    • <name> says, "Ah, but a dash of peppermint oil in the reanimating solution will cure the 'death breath' problem! Minty freshness AND immortality!" and smiles broadly at his success.
    • <name> says, "They laughed at me in junior high! Well, who's laughing now, Corey?" and grins like a madman.
    • <name> says, "Of course! I forgot to carry the one! NOW the solution will reanimate the dead without causing hair loss!" and grins at his success.
    • <name> says, "Ah, but if I add three drops of benzoyl peroxide to the solution, I can reanimate the dead and cure their acne!" He smiles at his own cleverness.
    • <name> says, "Eureka! The solution just needed a bit of <animal> DNA!" and grins happily.
    • <name> says, "Let's add a bit of sodium laurel sulfate to the solution, so it will foam nicely, shall we?" and grins at his own cleverness.
    • <name> says, "If I add just a drop of kerosene to the mix, the reanimated body will also be a heat source for the winter months!" He smiles at his cleverness, revealing teeth that could use some reanimating themselves.
    • <name> shouts, "Of course! What a fool I've been! It's the SQUARE ROOT of 255!" and grins maniacally.
    • <name> shouts, "It's all so clear now! One part hydrogen dioxide to one part sodium chloride!" and smiles at his cleverness.
    • <name> shouts, "I hold the secret! To life! Itself!" and grins like a madman.
  • Adding arms:
    • <name> injects one of your opponent's arms. It starts flopping around, then crawls off to join the swarm.
    • <name> says, "Ah, finally! A metric arm, instead of those imperial ones we've encountered thus far!" You're not sure whether he's joking or not, but he grabs the arm and reanimates it.
    • <name> says, "Let's increase the hilarity of my creation by adding more humerus! Get it?" You reply that you did get it, and wish you could give it back, as he reanimates an arm to join his swarm.
    • <name> says, "My creation should have the right to bear this arm!" and reanimates one of your opponent's arms to add to the swarm. Man, scientists shouldn't make puns.
    • <name> says, "My creations are far from harmless, especially without one arm less!" You ignore the attempt at humor and watch him reanimate an arm to add to his swarm.
    • <name> says, "My observations indicate that this arm would have 95% compatibility with my current experiment! IT COULD WORK!" He injects the arm with glow-juice and it starts hopping around, joining the swarm.
    • <name> says, "Our swarm currently has too many right arms. I want an ambidextrous abomination of nature and science!" He grabs your opponent's left arm and reanimates it.
    • <name> says, "Time for your opponent to say a farewell to arms!" You groan as he injects an arm and adds it to the pile.
    • <name> says, "Without arms, my swarm would just be a 'sw!'" You gag on that pun as he reanimates an arm and adds it to his swarm.
    • <name> whips out a syringe full of glow-juice and injects on of your one of your[sic] opponent's arms. "That was a real shot in the arm!" he quips, unfortunately, as the arm drags itself off to join the swarm.
    • <name> whips out a syringe full of glow-juice and injects one of your opponent's arms with it. The arm starts flopping, then drags itself to the swarm.
  • Adding legs:
    • <name> injects one of your opponent's legs with his glow-juice and rubs his hands together as it twitches off into the swarm.
    • <name> says, "Let's kick off a new addition to the swarm, shall we?" and animates one of your opponent's legs to add to the swarm.
    • <name> says, "Ah, this should add a little extra kick to my swarm!" and reanimates one of your opponent's legs, as you groan at the pun.
    • <name> says, "Without this, our swarm would have one less leg to stand on!" He reanimates one of your opponent's legs while you choke on his horrible puns.
    • <name> severs one of your opponent's legs, injects some glow-juice into the thigh muscle, and watches it twitch off to join the swarm.
    • <name> shouts, "This leg is precisely what the swarm needs! Look at the definition on that calf!" He reanimates it with his glow-juice and sends it off into the swarm.
    • <name> says, "There are too many left legs in the swarm! It will be a terrible dancer!" and grabs a right leg to animate and add to the swarm.
    • <name> whips out a syringe full of glow-juice and injects one of your opponent's legs, which then wriggles its way to the swarm.
    • <name> shouts, "SCIENCE!" and injects one of your opponent's legs with his glow-juice.
    • <name> says, "This should help our swarm get a leg up on the competition!" and reanimates one of your opponent's legs, as you flinch from the force of that pun.
  • Adding skulls:
    • <name> grabs your your[sic] opponent's head as it rolls past. "You can't make an omelet without flensing a few skulls," he quips, as he pockets it.
    • <name> lops off your opponent's head. "Now, to boil the flesh off of it, and then my reanimating solution can go to work!" he says.
    • <name> says, "They JEERED me at the Sorbonne! But now heads will roll!" He grabs your opponent's head and keeps it to use the skull for science.
    • <name> says, "I'd best get this skull for my experiments, before some woo-woo necromancer gets it!" he[sic] grabs your opponent's head to use later.
    • <name> says, "In order to get ahead in my experiments, I need this skull!" He grabs your opponent's head, apparently oblivious to the pun he just made.
    • <name> shouts, "I want that skull! I need that skull! For science!" and grabs your opponent's head as it rolls past.
    • <name> mumbles, "For this experiment to work, I need a little head--ah, here's one!" and grabs your opponent's head as it rolls by. "The skull beneath this flesh should serve the purpose nicely."
    • <name> says, "This monster looks like he has a good head for science," and takes a skull to use later.
    • <name> says, "Ah, a skullhead! This will be perfect for my experiments!" and grabs your opponent's head for later use.
    • <name> says, "You can't have good science without a little skullduggery!" and grabs your opponent's head as it rolls by.
  • Adding wings:
    • <name> says, "Because this is SCIENCE, we don't need a wing and a prayer to make this work! Just a wing!" He yanks off one of your opponent's wings and adds it to the swarm.
    • <name> says, "My calculations indicate that this wing would be a perfect addition to the swarm!" He reanimates it and it flits off to join the rest of the undead body parts.
    • <name> says, "This wing is aerodynamically perfect for an addition to the swarm!" He reanimates it with his glow-juice and it flutters off to join the swarm.
    • <name> says, "Usually I prefer strict adherence to the scientific method, but just this once I'll WING it!" He reanimates one of your opponent's wings and adds it to the swarm, while you gag on the pun.
    • <name> says, "Time for our creation to take WING!" and takes one of your opponent's wings to add to the swarm.
    • <name> consults his notes. "A wing! I need another wing!" he shouts, and reanimates one of your opponent's wings.
    • <name> wings a syringe full of glow-juice at your opponent, hitting square[sic] in one of <his> wings. The wing detaches and flits off into the swarm.
    • <name> reanimates a wing from your fallen opponent, rubbing his hands together with glee as it joins the swarm.
    • <name> injects a syringe of glow-juice into one of your opponent's wings. It flaps weakly to life and drags itself to the swarm.
    • <name> injects one of your opponent's wings with his glow-juice, and it flutters off to join the swarm.
  • Adding weird parts:
    • <name> furrows his tiny brow. "Our specimen is too conventional," he murmurs, "we need something strange." He grabs a part off your opponent, reanimates it, and tosses it into the swarm.
    • <name> says, "It's time for our science to get a little WEIRD!" He grabs a chunk of your opponent and shoots it full of glow-juice until it starts twitching.
    • <name> says, "Our experiment is far too bland. It needs a little...WEIRD SCIENCE." He reanimates a weird bit of your opponent and adds it to the swarm.
    • <name> says, "No, you're right. It's too jejune the way it is. They'll laugh! They'll all laugh!" He animates a weird bit of your opponent and adds it to the swarm.
    • <name> says, "If I'm to win the Science Academy's top honors, I must think outside Schrodinger's Box!" He animates a weird part from your opponent and adds it to the swarm.
    • <name> says, "My calculations suggest we need some weird parts to make this work." He animates a...thing...from your opponent and adds it to the swarm.
    • <name> shouts, "For SCIENCE!" and reanimates a weird bit of your opponent to add to the swarm.
    • <name> shouts, "My creation will LIVE! And be really strange!" He animates a weird part of your opponent and adds it to the swarm.
    • <name> shouts, "My creation must be unique!" and animates an unconventional part of your opponent.
    • <name> wants to add some more bits and pieces for his weird science, so he cuts a chunk off of your opponent and reanimates it.
  • With 5 to 14 wings, at the beginning of combat:
    • <name> sends a few disembodied monster wings to attack your opponent. The result is some thwap thwap sounds, and your foe grumbling "Cut that out, dangit!"
    • <name> sends some reanimated monster wings to hamper your opponent. Because this is ostensibly a comedy game, they drop a laundry basket on <it>.
    • <name> orders a few of his reanimated monster wings to attack your opponent. They aren't really equipped to physically attack, but they're pretty good at flapping around and getting in the way.
    • Your opponent gets a bit distracted from having to shoo away some of <name>'s reanimated monster wings, which keep trying to perch on <him>.
    • A few reanimated monster wings take to the sky to drop rocks on your opponent. They aren't big rocks, so they don't do any appreciable damage, but they are pretty distracting. I mean, you're distracted just watching, right?
    • A couple of <name>'s reanimated monster wings flap their... well, themselves, at your opponent, blowing dust into <its> eyes.
  • With 15 to 34 wings:
    • <name> sends a squadron of reanimated monster wings to harass your opponent, and it turn[sic] out they're pretty good at it. Man, just look how harassed your opponent look[sic] now! They are like way harassed.
    • A squadron of disembodied monster wings flaps into action, kicking up a dust storm that blinds your opponent and gives <it> violent coughing spasms. Have you heard my new punk band, Violent Coughing Spasms? Haven't used that joke in a while.
    • A bunch of <name>'s flapping monster wings creates a localized tornado that throws your opponent off-balance, but, regrettably, doesn't whisk <it> away to a far-off magical land where you won't have to look at <its> dumb face any more.
    • A bunch of <name>'s bizarre reanimated monster wings swarm at your opponent, smacking into <him> with thwap! thwap! thwap! noises and generally making a huge distracting fuss.
    • A load of reanimated monster wings from <name>'s weird menagerie start flapping around your opponent, scattering loose feathers (and, uh, bat... scales) everywhere and reducing <its> ability to see you to basically nothing.
    • A pile of <name>'s crazy disembodied monster wings start flapping around your opponent, getting dust and feathers everywhere and generally being a real nuisance. You feel kind of nuisanced just watching it.
  • With 35 to 50 wings:
    • Several of <name>'s reanimated monster wings latch onto your opponent, entangling <its> limbs and slowing <it> down.
    • A squadron is when you have one or two dozen of some kind of aircraft in a group; when you have more than one squadron, it's called a wing. So when the aircraft themselves are just wings, things start to get confusing, so we'll just say that <name> sent a whole heckuva lot of his crazy monster wings after your opponent. It's simpler that way.
    • The wind from a huge number of disembodied wings knocks your opponent to the ground. <It> hit[sic] <its> head on a rock and suffer[sic] a mild concussion.
    • <name> sends a mob of reanimated monster wings to bother your opponent. They achieve this by perching all around your foe and just staring at <him> until <him>[sic] starts to freak out. Yeah, they don't have eyes or anything, but that just makes it worse, somehow.
    • <name>'s veritable air force of ridiculous flapping monster wings all turn their attention to your opponent, and flap hard enough to knock <it> clean off <its> feet with the force of the wind.
    • A massive cloud of disembodied wings swarm your foe, trying to smother <him> under their bodies. Your opponent pushes <his> way clear, but <he>'s coughing and spluttering from near-suffocation.
  • With 5 or more arms, during combat:
    • A couple of disembodied arms get your opponent in a full nelson while a third arm repeatedly punches <it> in the face for X damage. <name> cheers them on excitedly.
    • One of <name>'s pet reanimated arms jams two fingers up the nose of one of your opponents and yanks sharply upward, giving another hand the opportunity to karate-chop <them> in the throat. This well-choreographed attack deals X damage.
    • One of <name>'s pet severed arms flies at your opponent with two fingers outstretched for an eye-poke. When your foe tries to block with the side of <her> hand, a second arm flies up and... okay, admittedly, this is a pretty visual gag, but you know where I'm going, right? Anyway, your foe takes X damage.
    • One of <name>'s severed arms flies toward one of your opponents, and mimes doing something distracting while a second arm sneaks up and punches your foe in the gonads for X damage. "CRAPPO BAPPO!" <name> shouts.
    • Two of <name>'s reanimated arm friends deal X to your opponent with a classic one-two punch, and then high-five each other.
    • Two of <name>'s reanimated monster arms join forces to box the ears of one of your foes. Or, yes, ear-analogues. X damage is dealt, approximately half to each ear.
    • Two of <name>'s reanimated severed arms approaches[sic] your opponent, in the forefingers-together pose required for an attack known as "kancho". If you don't know what that is, you can look it up on Wikipedia. Your opponent takes X damage.
    • Two of <name>'s reanimated severed arms strangle your opponent, to the tune of X damage.
    • Two of <name>'s reanimated severed arms work your opponent's ...face, like a speed-bag. Yeah, face. We'll go with face. X damage, to the face.
  • With 15 or more arms:
    • A bunch of <name>'s severed arms connect themselves into a long chain, and brutally whip your opponents for X damage.
    • A bunch of flying severed arms fly at your opponent, each one slapping <he>[sic] in the face for X/n damage, where n is the number of arms in a bunch.
    • A bunch of the creepy severed arms that follow <name> around pick up one of your opponents by the ankles, and proceed to slam <them> into the ground face-first. Several times. You wince at the X damage caused; <name> claps his hands in glee.
    • A few of <name>'s floating severed arms pick up your opponent and dangle <him> like a piñata, while another one picks up a stick. In the end, X points worth of candy comes out.
    • A gang of <name>'s reanimated arms lift one of your opponents up by the ankles, and drop <they>[sic]... oh, let's call it fifty or sixty feet. Far enough to do X damage, at any rate.
    • A quantity of disembodied flying arms, numbering more than a few but fewer than a mob, fly at your opponent at <name>'s urging, and deal a total of X damage with a combination of punches, slaps, pinches, and... slops.
    • Flying severed arms mob your opponent(s) like teeny-boppers mobbing a pop star <plural: boy-band>, and more gets torn off than just <her> clothes. About X points worth of stuff, I'd say. At least the arms can't scream like teeny-boppers.
    • Four flying severed arms grab your opponent by the wrists and ankles (or whatever) and hold <him> while a couple more repeatedly bludgeon <he>[sic] in the head and neck. It's X points worth of merciless brutality.
    • Several hovering severed arms fly behind your opponent while <it> isn't looking, and give <it> the absolute worst wedgie you've ever witnessed in your life. Like, waistband up and over and hooked under the chin. You didn't even think it was possible, but you can certainly understand the X damage it dealt. (If you[sic] opponent is unlikely to be wearing underwear, pretend you got one of the other messages instead. Thanks!)
    • Several reanimated severed arms pick up one of your opponents by the ankles, and repeatedly thump <their> head into the floor like the bouncer at a roller disco, causing X damage.
    • Your opponent gets into a real pickle of a situation, when a pair of reanimated monster arms grabs <his> shoulders and holds <him> still while another pair tries to twist off his head like a stuck jar lid. Your opponent takes X damage before managing to break free.
    • Your opponent's head disappears beneath a small swarm of reanimated severed arms, which all punch <him> simultaneously, making a distinct POW noise and dealing X damage altogether.
  • With 35 or more arms:
    • <name> hums "Ride of the Valkyries" as your opponent is attacked by X flying severed arms, which punch your foe for 1 point of damage each.
    • <name> suddenly shouts "Mil Fleur: Gigantesco Mano!" and his massive horde of floating severed arms all join together, each one gripping its neighbors, and forming the shape of a single giant arm about twenty feet long. The gargantuan arm makes an equally gargantuan fist, and uses it to pound your opponent flat, to the tune of X damage. "Okay, seriously, come on," you say to <name>. "That's completely absurd." <name> just grins at you and shrugs.
    • A horde of flying severed arms swarms your opponents -- there's so many of them, you can't even see what happens, but from the sound of it, your opponents aren't enjoying it very much. When the arms finally wander off, your foes appear to have had X hitpoints knocked out of <them>, somehow.
    • A huge mob of reanimated arms takes it in turns to pound your foe on the head with their fists, hammering <she>[sic] into the ground like piledrivers. A total of X damage is caused over the course of this attack.
    • A mob of flying severed arms assemble themselves into some kind of ridiculous arm-golem, which smashes your opponents to the ground with multiple rocket punches. X damaaaaaaage!
    • A mob of reanimated severed arms fly at your opponent and punch <it> everywhere an opponent could possibly be punched, including three or four places you never thought possible. Your opponent takes X damage.
    • A mob of reanimated severed arms pummel your opponents to the tune of the 1812 Overture. Also to the tune of X damage.
    • A pair of reanimated severed arms, being able to steer but not see or work the brake, crash their meatcar into your opponent for X damage.
    • A pinch doesn't seem like it would be a very damaging attack, but when huge numbers of severed arms fly at an opponent and pinch every square inch of their body all at once, it adds up. (Specifically, it adds up to X damage.)
    • Bunches of flying severed arms grab your opponents' various limbs, and fly away in different directions, making your foes taller and thinner, and with X fewer hitpoints.
    • Did you ever watch one of those anime shows where dudes are hitting each other all of the time, and one guy busts out an attack called, like, "Gatling Fist" or "Happy Thousand Punch" or something, and suddenly it looks like he's got like fifty arms all punching the other dude all at once? Well, thanks to your friend <name>, you've now gotten to see that in real life, and it was X points worth of awesome.
    • One of <name>'s reanimated arms puts your opponent in a choke-hold, while another gives <her> a vicious noogie for X damage.
    • One of <name>'s reanimated severed arms offers your opponent a high-five, which <it> hesitantly accepts. Then another arm slugs <it> in the guts for X damage.
    • So many of <name>'s reanimated severed arms want to attack your opponent all at once, that they start getting in each others' way, and <name> is forced to set up a queue and a "take a number" machine. The result is probably not the strangest thing you've ever seen, but you're pretty sure it's way up there. (The total damage caused was X points, incidentally.)
    • Two of <name>'s hovering severed arms repeatedly slap your opponent across the face, for X damage. You move to stop them, but <name> shakes his head. "Forget it, <playername>," he says. "It's Chinatown."
    • You suddenly can't see your opponents any more, because pretty much your entire field of vision is filled with <name>'s weird collection of hovering reanimated severed arms. You can hear <them>, though. Screaming. When the arms eventually back off, you're surprised to see more than just a wet patch of floor, though your foes don't seem particularly happy about the X damage <they> took.
  • With 5 or more weird parts, during combat:
    • <name> snaps his fingers as your opponent begins to attack you, and an unidentified lump of monster flies out of nowhere and bonks <he>[sic] on the head.
    • As your opponent charges toward you, some kind of unidentifiable reanimated body part -- maybe a tentacle or tail or something? -- whips around <its> ankle, sending <it> to the ground in a painful-looking faceplant.
    • <She> tries to attack you, but a reanimated hunk of monster falls out of nowhere, bonking <her> on the head. The both of you look up in the air, somewhat puzzled.
    • <They> try to attack you, but trips[sic] over a... uh, I don't know what that is, actually. Something from <name>'s parts collection, anyway.
    • Your foe starts[sic]? to attack, but is distracted by a pair of disembodied monster ...somethings, which move to block <it>. Not that they couldn't easily be stepped over, but there's a disturbing air of menace about them.
    • Your opponent runs toward you, and some kind of animated monster part rolls under his feet. There's a gross squashy noise, and your foe slips, doing a comical one-and-a-quarter backflip before landing square on his back.
  • With 15 or more weird parts:
    • <name> stacks a bunch of monster guts and stuff in your foe's way, so <she> can't attack you. You start to give him a thumbs-up, but decide you don't want to see what his response to that would be.
    • A bunch of animated monster tails and tentacles and guts and other long floppy bits stop your opponent from attacking by wrapping around <his> neck. <He> breaks free pretty easily, but it worked as a (super-gross) delaying tactic.
    • As your opponent attacks, a pile of miscellaneous body parts -- torsos and tails and stuff -- suddenly leap in front of you, blocking the attack. "Thanks, guys," you say, backing carefully away from them.
    • Instead of attacking you, your opponents attack a decoy that <name> made out of miscellaneous monster parts. You wonder if you should feel offended, because you're pretty sure that decoy doesn't look anything like you.
    • Several animated monster parts form themselves into a rough approximation of a whole monster, and attack your foe before <it> can attack you. The disgusting chimera falls back to pieces after a single hit from its opponent, but better it than you.
    • Several of <name>'s reanimated monster parts fly at your opponent[sic]?, and tickle <them> until <they> can't breathe from laughing. It's probably one of the most disturbing things you've ever seen.
    • Your opponent tries to attack you, but you're hiding behind a small defensive wall that <name> made for you out of leftover monster torsos and blobs of ooze.
  • With 35 or more weird parts:
    • Before <she> can attack you, <her> way is blocked by a giant wall of assorted monster fins, torsos, and other parts. It takes several minutes for <her> to find the edge of it and run around the other side toward you.
    • Before your opponent[sic]? can attack, <name>'s grisly collection of monster torsos and flippers and stuff combine to form a protective dome over the two of you. <Name>, thankfully, has the presence of mind to hold up an umbrella.
    • <It> seemed to be about to attack you, but now <it's> buried in a giant pile of assorted monster parts, so you can't tell what <it's> up to any more.
    • <They> start to attack you, but is[sic] swept away by a giant tidal wave of assorted reanimated monster parts. Pire voyage!
    • Your opponents start to attack you, but a bunch of miscellaneous animated monster parts swarm all round you, forming themselves into the worst set of impenetrable battle armor that has ever been worn by anyone anywhere ever. You resolve to kill your foe[sic]? quickly before that happens again.
    • Your opponent tries repeatedly to hit you, but random monster parts keep flying in and blocking <his> shots. <He> looks super-annoyed.
  • With more than 5 skulls, at the end of combat:
    • One of <name>'s skulls winks at you, and you realize that it's wearing your hat! You grab it and put it back on, and wave an angry finger at the skull, who winks again.
    • One of <name>'s pet reanimated skulls winks at you. You kind of nod back to it, not sure what to think.
    • One of <name>'s pet monster skulls winks at you. It's refreshing to meet a living animated skull that isn't a constantly-jabbering chatterbox, you know?
    • One of <name>'s reanimated skulls winks at you. "Hey, 'sup," you ask it. It winks at you with the other eye in response, which isn't particularly enlightening.
    • One of <name>'s reanimated skulls winks at you. You don't think much of it, until it occurs to you to ask how the heck that's even possible.
    • One of <name>'s pet reanimated skulls winks at you, but doesn't say anything. This is because it doesn't have a tongue, which is something you're glad of, for reasons that are too horrible to explain.
  • With more than 5 legs, at the end of combat:
    • A pair of <name>'s creepy reanimated legs do a little soft-shoe and shuffle off to Buffalo.
    • A pair of <name>'s pet reanimated legs get up on their tip-toes and start pirouetting and leaping and... you know, other ballet stuff. Mocha grande frappé.
    • A pair of <name>'s reanimated monster legs dance a lively and spirited jig.
    • A pair of <name>'s weird disembodied legs suddenly stand very straight and stiff. You aren't sure what's going on at first, but then they start shifting slightly to the side, and you think maybe they're doing the robot? Except it's just the legs and no arms, so... get what I mean?
    • A pair of <name>'s weird severed monster legs starts doing that Russian Cossack dance, with the kicking? You aren't sure how they manage that without falling over, but they're pretty good.
    • A pair of <name>'s weird severed legs start breakdancing. Or, well, they start flipping around on the ground, anyway. Without the rest of a body, it's hard to tell what they're doing, really.
  • With more than 15? legs, at the end of combat:
    • Several legs from <name>'s collection line up and start doing a high-kicking can-can dance, which mainly serves to remind you of how unnerving most people would find it to have a large entourage of disconnected and reanimated body parts. I guess a person can get used to anything, though.
    • Some of <name>'s reanimated legs start an impromptu mosh pit. You let them have fun for a bit, but eventually they start kicking each other and you're forced to step in and break it up.
    • <name>'s leg collection starts doing one of those elaborate folk dances where there's a lot of walking around in circles and holding hands with different people. Okay, well, without any hands, it just looks like legs walking in circles. So either it's a folk dance, or the queue at the primal DMV.
    • A bunch of <name>'s reanimated legs start hopping and sliding around in what you recognize as a variety of disco moves. When you ask <name> how he got the floor to light up different colors like that, he just smiles enigmatically.
    • A bunch of disembodied legs from <name>'s posse line up and start kicking and stomping in an elaborate western line-dance. It's a real hootenanny of a hoedown, or possibly the other way around.
  • With more than 35 legs, at the end of combat:
    • <name>'s huge severed leg collection suddenly breaks out into a huge impromptu rave. Wait a minute -- where did they get all those glowsticks? And how are they holding them?
    • <name>'s huge severed leg collection starts marching around in an elaborate marching-band formation drill. You watch them intently, because you don't want to turn around and find out what it is that's behind you playing the sousaphone.
    • All of <name>'s collection of reanimated legs jump up and start doing Riverdance simultaneously. It's inspiring, but you have to cover your ears with your hands until they've finished.
    • <name>'s reanimated leg collection starts reenacting the main dance numbers from just about every Gilbert & Sullivan musical, all at the same time. It's absolute chaos, and you end up just standing and staring until they've finished.
    • <name>'s huge severed leg collection begins an elaborately-choreographed high-kicking dance, which you think would probably be more interesting if you could see it from a Busby Berkeley-style overhead camera angle, but oh well. You applaud all the same, since it's clear they've put a lot of work into the routine.
    • <name>'s collection of severed legs begins a hugely elaborate and detailed interpretive dance. You think maybe it has something to do with how well that fight went, and how great it is to find treasure? Interpretive dance is really subjective, though, so it's difficult to be sure.
  • Enthroned in the Crown of Thrones:
    <name> says, "Hmm. This is not the right kind of wing at all!"
Batwing.gifYou acquire an item: hot wing
  • There is a tiny explosion above you and then <name> says, "That experiment did not go as planned! Here."
Brokeskull.gifYou acquire an item: broken skull
  • Bjornified in the Buddy Bjorn:
    <name> grumbles "Oh dear, this won't do at all for the purposes of my experiments!" and hands you a hot wing.
Batwing.gifYou acquire an item: hot wing
  • You hear a crunch behind you, and <name> says "Oh dear, that won't do at all! Here, perhaps you can make use of it." He passes you a broken skull, leaving you to wonder what exactly he's doing back there.
Brokeskull.gifYou acquire an item: broken skull
  • With lucky Tam O'Shanter equipped:
    <name> twitches his right eyelid under the Tam O'Shanter.
  • With miniature gravy-covered maypole equipped:
    <name> does a weird and scientific dance around the Maypole, with a twerk margin-of-error of less than 5%.
  • With wax lips equipped:
    <name> grins maniacally beneath the wax lips.


Increases stat gains from combat like a Blood-Faced Volleyball.

This familiar grants the combat skill Wink at (Familiar Name) which causes 3 wandering copies of the current opponent to appear over time. This works like Fire a badly romantic arrow (with the quake of arrows), and also shares the same counter (you may not use both skills in the same day).

Body part abilities

The Reanimator adds your fallen enemies' body parts to his undead swarm, which grant him additional abilities:

Part type Familiar equivalent Effect
Arms N/A Attacks arms/10 times every round (floored, minimum 1 with 5+ arms.) Each of the individual attacks deal 1 to arms/2 damage.
Legs Baby Gravy Fairy Item drop bonus based on number of legs
Skulls Leprechaun Meat drop bonus based on number of skulls
Wings Barrrnacle Delevels enemy at the beginning of combat by wings/2.
Weird Parts Levitating Potato Blocks some enemy attacks, depending on number of weird parts.

Jick stated that the parts (other than arms) are supposed to behave the same as a standard familiar of that basic type, with 1 body part equal to 1 pound of familiar. For example, with 20 skulls meat drops are increased by the same amount as a 20 pound leprechaun. However, wings delevel at the start of every fight, unlike a standard barrrnacle.

Each body part ability only acts if there are 5 or more parts of its associated type in the swarm.

Adding and removing parts

When the Reanimator is the current familiar, the option to chat with it will appear next to its status on the left sidebar. This will start A Reanimated Conversation, in which you can allow or prohibit him from picking up different types of body parts, or discard all parts from the swarm.

One part is harvested from each monster defeated, randomly chosen from the ones that it can "drop". For instance, most Slimes and Plants will only drop weird parts; bats, birds and angels are the only ones who can drop wings; and so on.

The total number of parts that a Reanimator can have in the swarm is capped at 50.

The Reanimator adds parts to the swarm more reliably when the number of parts is less than its weight * 1.5; this increases to weight * 2 with a flask of embalming fluid equipped. The mechanics of adding parts to the swarm are not fully understood.

The Reanimator's inventory of body parts never decreases so long as it remains your active familiar. While it is in the terrarium, its body parts will incrementally vanish as you spend combats with other familiars. One body part is lost per combat win. Body parts always vanish in the following order: wings, legs, arms, skulls, weird parts. All parts of one type vanish, then all of the next type, and so on.

Arena Messages

  • When entered in a game of Hide and Seek:
    Reanimators can't help but fill any silence with unhinged giggling, or rants about how they'll show you, they'll show YOU ALL.


  • Possible <animal> DNA sources include albatross, bear, caribou, duck, monkey and mosquito.
  • Ascending will make the Reanimator lose all his collected parts, but mantain his collection preferences.