Recall Facts: Monster Habitats

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Recall Facts: Monster Habitats

Recall Facts: Monster Habitats

Type: Combat
MP Cost: N/A
usable 3 times per day

Recall some facts about the habitat of your opponent.

Discover that your opponent exists everywhere and remember that fact for a while.

Source: Just the Facts
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Staggers and makes the target monster become a possible encounter in any zone you adventure in until you've encountered it 5 times by this method, until rollover.
When Used:
Your knowledge of facts tells you that this monster can actually appear in any habitat!

Against monsters that can't be copied:

Your factual knowledge of monster habitats does not extend to this creature.


  • When encountering the monster added by this skill, the introduction text is replaced with:
Fun fact that you just remembered - this monster is omni-habitatal.
  • As of 2023/09/12, omni-habitatal monsters expire on rollover.
  • It is possible to banish all of the monsters that natively appear in a zone and then adventure there so that you will fight only the recalled monster until the 5 charges run out. You can extend this by casting Recall Facts: Monster Habitats again when fighting the fifth copy. The Dire Warren is commonly used for this, since it only contains a single native monster.

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