Recipe: mortar-dissolving solution

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recipe: mortar-dissolving solution
recipe: mortar-dissolving solution

This is a list of weird ingredients labeled "mortar-dissolving solution" -- I wonder what it does!

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

(In-game plural: recipes: mortar-dissolving solution)
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Item number: 7495
Description ID: 581234431
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Obtained From

Spookyraven Manor Cellar
Suspicious Masonry

When Used

The note reads:

(do not misplace)

Wearing Lord Spookyraven's spectacles adds the following lines to the message:

Beneath the list, in a glowing green scrawl, the following is written...

"Screw this scavenger hunt crap. Just get a bottle of Chateau de Vinegar, mix it with some blasting soda, heat it up, and blow this wall to Kingdom Come."

  • After the wall has been blown up

"You no longer need this list, so you place it on the ground next to a random brick wall in Seaside Town, just to confuse the next guy."


  • Unlike other items that require Lord Spookyraven's spectacles, the extra message is not visible with the Soul monocle equipped.
  • The Chateau de Vinegar and blasting soda will not drop unless you have read the extra message. This resets on ascension, so you must re-read the extra message each ascension; you cannot collect the vinegar and soda otherwise.