Recording of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto

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recording of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto
recording of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto

This is a recording of a song that nobody has ever performed.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 25 Meat.
Effect: Rolando's Rondo of Resisto (20 Adventures)Superhuman Hot Resistance (+5)
Superhuman Cold Resistance (+5)
Superhuman Stench Resistance (+5)
Superhuman Spooky Resistance (+5)
Superhuman Sleaze Resistance (+5)
Superhuman Supercold Resistance (+5)

(In-game plural: recordings of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto)
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Item number: 7051
Description ID: 133347336
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Obtained From

Your Workshed
Recording songs with a warbear LP-ROM burner installed as an Accordion Thief (sometimes)

When Used

You smash the record over your head. The strange strains of Rolando's Rondo of Resisto fill your ears... and refuse to go away.
Resisto.gifYou acquire an effect: Rolando's Rondo of Resisto
(duration: 20 Adventures)


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