Replica Camp Scout backpack

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replica Camp Scout backpack
replica Camp Scout backpack

This is a backpack issued to new members of the Camp Scouts, an organization dedicated to helping kids learn the skills it took to be a productive member of society a hundred years ago.

Type: back item
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

+15% Item Drops from Monsters
Helps You Be Prepared

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Item number: 11216
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Obtained From

Replica Mr. Store (1 replica Mr. Accessory)

After Combat

A tinny voice emerges from within your backpack. "Greetings, Camp Scout! It's important to start the day with a healthy breakfast! The proper mixture of carbohydrates, protein and sugar is critical in maintaining click trustworthiness. click"

A bag of trail mix falls out of one of the backpack's many pockets.

Baggie.gifYou acquire an item: bag of GORP

The voice from your backpack pipes up again. "Loyalty is of paramount important to the Camp Scouts. To remain loyal, one must remain pure. Impurities, such as those found in natural bodies of water, must be eliminated."

A bottle of pills emerges from the pack.

Goofballs.gifYou acquire an item: water purification pills

The voice from your backpack says "Winning the hearts and minds of the civilian population is a critical function of the Camp Scout organization. CSA lab studies have concluded that maintenance of acceptable levels of helpfulness requires consistent rest."

A rolled-up tent plops onto the ground from inside the backpack.

Tent1.gifYou acquire an item: Camp Scout pup tent

Your backpack pipes up again. "The campfire is at the core of the Camp Scouts' friendliness directive. This fire-making kit has been calibrated to your specific height/weight profile. Sharing this fire-making kit with others is not permitted."

A small case with your name on it falls out of the pack with a thud.

Briefcase.gifYou acquire an item: CSA fire-starting kit

Your backpack says "Height profile consistent with beep SCOUTMASTER beep status. Dispensing courtesy-maintenance supplies."

A plastic bottle emerges from the pack.

Waterbottle.gifYou acquire an item: CSA scoutmaster's "water"

Your backpack says "A Camp Scout must be kind. Kindness is compulsory. Any deviation from kind behavior is subject to punishment by beep CLASSIFIED click."

Another bag of trail mix falls from the pack.

Baggie.gifYou acquire an item: bag of GORF

Your backpack says "Obedience is a key virtue of a Camp Scout. Since disobedience is met with zero tolerance, disobedience does not occur in CSA operatives. Disobedience in occupied populations, however, is a common problem."

A smallish, metal, pineapple-shaped object falls from the pack.

Grenade.gifYou acquire an item: CSA obedience grenade

The voice emerges from your backpack again. "The Camp Scout organization must maintain the appearance of good cheer in order to obfuscate its goals from civilian populations. When cheerfulness cannot be supplied naturally by the individual operative, it is provided by artificial means."

An object that looks suspiciously similar to a beer drops out of the pack.

Beer.gifYou acquire an item: CSA cheerfulness ration

The tinny voice from behind you intones "Thrift is essential to sustainable continuance of Camp Scout operations. Chemical indoctrination of indigenous populations ensures that operative levels of thrift can be maintained in all CSA theaters."

A card emerges from a slot in the pack.

Librarycard.gifYou acquire an item: CSA discount card

Your backpack startles you by speaking again. "Successful completion of CSA operations requires adequate bravery on a per-operative basis. The needs of the organization are not served by the failures of individual Camp Scouts. Courage is compulsory."

The backpack spits out a badge.

Fratwarpin.gifYou acquire an item: CSA bravery badge

Your backpack speaks: "Maintenance of Camp Scout cleanliness must not be left to chance. Infectious agents, of both natural and enemy origin, threaten the individual operative, and in doing so, threaten the organization."

A little bottle falls from the pack.

Apsoap.gifYou acquire an item: CSA all-purpose soap

The tinny voice says "Reverence is required of all Camp Scouts. The reverent scout lays prostrate before beep CLASSIFIED click. The reverent scout surrenders conscious muscle control."

Another bag of trail mix hits the ground behind you.

Baggie.gifYou acquire an item: bag of QWOP

The tinny voice from your backpack says "17. Cardinal. Wilhelm. 28. Repeat. All operatives, initiate protocol 17 Cardinal Wilhelm 28."

An item falls out of the pack.

SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

Your backpack speaks: "static to be static repeat, rogue operative static is to be terminated with extreme click"

An item falls out of the pack.

SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]

Your backpack emits a short burst of static followed by a series of random bird calls.

An item falls out of the pack.

SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]


  • Each day, the first twelve items will always be dropped in the order above. Later drops will use one of the last three messages and give a random item.
  • The first item (the bag of GORP) will drop after about 3-4 combats. The number of combats between items drops increases by an additional 1-3 for each item. Thus, on average, item #N will drop around combat N*(N+2.5) of the day. See the approximate number of combats on the table below.

Item List

Number Item Type Notes Appx. # combats
1 Baggie.gif
bag of GORP
Food 2 fullness, decent quality, 20-30 each stat 3
2 Goofballs.gif
water purification pills
Booze 3 drunkenness, decent quality, 25-30 each stat 9
3 Tent1.gif
Camp Scout pup tent
Usable Restores 1000 HP 16
4 Briefcase.gif
CSA fire-starting kit
Usable Gain 3 PvP fights, or, regain HP/MP after each combat for the rest of the day 26
5 Waterbottle.gif
CSA scoutmaster's "water"
Booze 3 drunkenness, good quality, 20-30 each stat 37
6 Baggie.gif
bag of GORF
Food 1 fullness, decent quality, 3 adventures of Long Live GORF 51
7 Grenade.gif
CSA obedience grenade
Combat item Delevel, 3 round stun 66
8 Beer.gif
CSA cheerfulness ration
Booze 1 drunkenness, awesome quality, 40-50 each stat 84
9 Librarycard.gif
CSA discount card
Usable Gain 300 meat 103
10 Fratwarpin.gif
CSA bravery badge
Potion 20 adventures of Standard Issue Bravery 125
11 Apsoap.gif
CSA all-purpose soap
Usable Restores up to 1000 MP, cures negative status effects 148
12 Baggie.gif
bag of QWOP
Food 1 fullness, epic quality, 10 adventures of QWOPped Up 174

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