Replica Chateau Mantegna room key

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replica Chateau Mantegna room key
replica Chateau Mantegna room key

This key unlocks a deluxe room in Chateau Mantegna, a luxury resort hotel named after (but not owned by, patronized, or in any way affiliated with) famous actor Chaz Palminteri.

Type: usable
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Permanently unlocks a new residence in the Big Mountains

(In-game plural not known - if you know it, please add it here.)
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Item number: 11229
Description ID: 872034228
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Obtained From

Replica Mr. Store (1 replica Mr. Accessory)

When Used



  • This item is functionally equivalent to the Chateau Mantegna room key. Please refer to that page for a discussion of its use.


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