Respected companion biscuit

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Does it decrease xp for the deflatable dodecapede?

respected companion biscuit
respected companion biscuit

This is a bone-shaped biscuit that the Magic Commune hippies give to their friend and equal, Neptune the Dog. These biscuits are not rewards for good behavior, as that would be demeaning; the hippies give according to their ability, according to Neptune's needs.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: respected companion biscuits)
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Item number: 4608
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Obtained From

The Electric Lemonade Acid Parade
Neptune, the Dog that Is a Respected Equal and Not a Pet
Neptune, the Dog that Is a Respected Equal and Not a Pet cast member

When Used

  • If your familiar isn't already at 20 pounds:
You toss it to <Familiar Name>, who hungrily snaps it up in midair.
  • If your familiar is already 20 pounds:
Your companion doesn't seem interested in that many biscuits.
Your companion doesn't seem interested.


  • If successful it gives your familiar +1 experience. If unsuccessful, it does not consume the biscuit.


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