Rickety old unicycle

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How much damage does it do?

rickety old unicycle
rickety old unicycle

You'll look sweet upon the seat of this -- it's a bicycle built for one half!

Type: accessory
Moxie Required: 200
(can also be used in combat)
Selling Price: 2000 Meat.
Cannot be traded

Moxie +15%
Combat Initiative +50%
Regenerate 10-25 MP per adventure

NOTE: You may not equip more than one of these at a time.

(In-game plural: rickety old unicycles)
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Item number: 4116
Description ID: 453371698
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Obtained From

big slimy cyst (0-1)

When Used

You look at the unicycle, and it fills you with rage.

"I hate unicycles! I hate them!" you scream, as you slam it into the ground, again and again, breaking it into tiny pieces.

Your opponent looks at you, taking 5905-9051 damage from the pure bewilderment of it all.


  • The item description is a reference to the song "Daisy Bell", more commonly known for the line "... a bicycle built for two."

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