Right bear arm

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right bear arm
right bear arm

Tarzan say: Constitution guarantee this.

Or while a Zombie Slayer

This is the severed right arm of some sort of zombie bear. Its fur is matted, its claws are ragged, and the bones of its elbow are clearly visible through holes in the hide. Hidey holes, they call those.

Type: weapon (1-handed club)
Damage: 10 - 20
Cannot be discarded

+10% Muscle
Weapon Damage +30%
Lets you act like a bear

NOTE: This item cannot be equipped while in Hardcore. (Except for Zombie Slayers)

(In-game plural: right bear arms)
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Item number: 5791
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Obtained From

Box of bear arms
Zombie Slayer Challenge Path
Dawn of the D'oh (if you hadn't repacked arms before ascending)


You tell a bad joke that ends with "wokka wokka," then slash him for X damage. WHAMMO! BONK! BAM!
You teach him the bear necessities of taking X damage. WHAM! BONK! KAPOW!
You tell him that the market has become a bear market, and the only thing being bought, sold, or traded is X points' worth of being clawed with a bear arm. SMACK! WHAMMO! BOOF!
You slash him with your bear claws, making him wish you had fed him a bear claw instead, and doing X damage. WHAMMO! ZAP! WHACK!
You treat him like a pic-a-nic basket, rummaging around in his guts for X damage. WHAM! BIFF! KERBLAM!
Sometimes they get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets them. This is one of those latter times, and your bear claw did X damage. BOINK! BIFF! ZAP!
You smack him with your bear arm, bearing down on him and making him lose his bearings. And doing X damage. BOOF! BAM! WHACK!
You pretend he is a spawning salmon, spearing him for X damage. WHACK! SPLAT! WHAMMO!
You maul him like a bear for X damage, and nary a maul cop shows up to tell you to stop. WHAMMO! BOINK! KERBLAM!


Skills and bonuses granted by bear arms
Granted by right bear arm +10% Muscle, Weapon Damage +30%
Kodiak Moment Auto-hitting attack, auto-crits with left bear arm. Zombie: Spooky+Stench damage
Grizzly Scene Damages monster for 50% of their current HP
Granted by left bear arm +10% Muscle, Maximum HP +30, 10 Damage Reduction
Bear-Backrub Restores HP based on level, stuns with right bear arm
Bear-ly Legal Delevels by 20%; gain 50-70 Meat
When wielding both
Bear Hug Attacks, delevels and heals; as a Zombie Master: Insta-zombifies enemy instead (10 times per day)
Applause once per day: 10 turns of The Applause That Refreshes (all stats +10, +3 stats per fight)


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