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This is a silvery mechanical duck on wheels, with eyes that light up red when you pull it. It also makes a quacking noise that is creepily unemotional, even compared to the unemotional quacking noise that regular ducks make.

Ducks aren't known for being able to express subtle nuances of emotion in their quacking, is the point I'm trying to make here. And this one is worse. See? It's creepy.

Type: weapon (1-handed flail)
Damage: 10 - 20
Muscle Required: 35
Selling Price: 111 Meat.

Weapon Damage +5
+5% Item Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: roboducks-on-strings)
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Item number: 3085
Description ID: 153919945
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Dollhive.gif 1 theoretical string 2 iGooglies 2 LED blocks 2 toy hoverpads
Equals.gif roboduck-on-a-string


Your roboduck emits an emotionless metallic "quack" as it bounces off of your opponent's noggin (or noggin-analogue), for X damage. POW! ZOT! WHACK!
You demonstrate the horrors of technology run amok by pounding <it> with your roboduck-on-a-string. X damage ensues. SMACK! BARF! WHACK!
It forgets to duck, so you provide a roboreminder. For X damage. BONK! BOOF! POW!


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