Rock and Roll Legend

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Rock and Roll Legend
Rock and Roll Legend

This accordion rocks. Enough said.

(Meatsmithing component)
Type: ranged weapon (2-handed accordion)
Song Duration: 10 Adventures
Damage: 5 - 10
Moxie Required: 10
Cannot be traded or discarded

Moxie +7

(Bonus for Accordion Thieves only)

(In-game plural: Rock and Roll Legends)
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Item number: 50
Description ID: 275331264
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Obtained From

The Misspelled Cemetary
Tomb of the Unknown Your Class Here (as an Accordion Thief)

Cadenza effect

  • On use:
You play a legendary solo. Your heart bursts with pride, and with extra blood.
HPYou gain 13-15 hit points.




  • This item was not smithable until NS13. Before NS13, it was made using meat paste.
  • Prior to an update on June 2nd, 2015, this item was meatsmithed from a heart of rock and roll and a stolen accordion. The same update made it untradeable and removed its autosell value of 150.

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