Rubber nubbin

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rubber nubbin
rubber nubbin

This is a nubbin, which is like a nub but smaller. A nub is like a regular thing but smaller.

Type: potion
Selling Price: 5 Meat.
Effect: You're Rubber (20 Adventures)Damage Reduction: 20

(In-game plural: rubber nubbins (but I hardly know her!))
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Item number: 7707
Description ID: 493599105
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Obtained From

Wandering monster
giant rubber spider

When Used

  • Multi-using 11:
You rub the rubber nubbins all over you, and there's exactly enough residue left to make a new thing out of it!
Mg cape.gifYou acquire an item: rubber cape
Rubbernub.gifYou acquire an effect: You're Rubber
(duration: 220 Adventures)
  • Otherwise:
You rub the rubber nubbin on yourself (like a seasoned nubbin rubber) until you're comprehensively nubbed.
Rubbernub.gifYou acquire an effect: You're Rubber
(duration: 20 Adventures)


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