Russian Ice

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Russian Ice
Russian Ice

What's its hurry? Hurr hurr hurr.

This is a bottle of sticky-sweet malt liquor. Its primary claim to fame is it's so gross that the frat orcs have a game where you force other people to drink it. We're sure you'll figure out the rules amongst yourselves.

Type: booze (good)
Potency: 1
(can also be used in combat)
Level required: 2
Selling Price: 15 Meat.

Weakens enemies somewhat when used as a combat item

(In-game plural: bottles of Russian Ice)
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Item number: 5073
Description ID: 362569786
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Shaker.gif magical ice cubes bottle of vodka
Equals.gif Russian Ice

When Used

You hand the Ice to your opponent. <It> sighs, takes a knee, and chugs it.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 13-15
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 13-15

When Consumed

You take a knee and drink the Russian Ice. It's pretty sweet, bro.
AdventuresYou gain 2-3 Adventures.
You gain 30-60 Strongness.
You lose 5-15 Sarcasm.
You gain 1 Drunkenness.



  • The opening text refers to the old joke substituting "Russian" with "Rushin'" (Rushing).
  • All of the descriptions refer to the Smirnoff Ice Game.

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