Rusty speargun

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rusty speargun
rusty speargun

This "gun" is really just a spring-loaded tube that shoots harpoons. At things.

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed pistol)
Damage: 20 - 40
Moxie Required: 85
Selling Price: 225 Meat.

Weapon Damage +25
+7% chance of Critical Hit
On Critical: Deals 50-60 additional damage

(In-game plural: rusty spearguns)
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Item number: 3600
Description ID: 918387441
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Obtained From

The Wreck of the Edgar Fitzsimmons
drowned sailor



  • On a critical hit against a monster, if equipped in the mainhand:
Your spear gets stuck in your opponent. You yank it out, dealing an additional 50-60 damage.

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