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sand dollar
sand dollar

This is a sand dollar, the currency of choice for all intelligent underwater beings. Except for dolphins. Nobody's quite sure what their monetary system is based on. Er, upon which their monetary system is based.

Selling Price: 50 Meat.

(In-game plural: sand dollars)
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Item number: 3575
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Obtained From

An Octopus's Garden
sponge (3)
The Mer-Kin Outpost
A Drawer of Chests (15-20) (Lucky Adventure)
damp old wallet (about 60)
Li'l Businessman Kit (after some combats underwater)
groupie bra (1-3)
Mer-kin stashbox (about 40)
Mer-kin thingpouch (0-4)
Mermaid's purse (1-3)
rockfish stomach (0-2)
slimy chest (3-5)
lucky gold ring (sometimes after combat, if The Sea is accessible)
Beach Comb / driftwood beach comb
Comb the Beach
Brined Liver (after combat in The Sea while wielding a cozy bazooka)
Busker Do (after every combat in The Sea)
Donho's Bubbly Ballad (after combat in The Sea while wielding a cozy bazooka)



  • A sand dollar is a marine animal similar to a sea urchin, which gets its name from the round, coin-like shape of its rigid skeleton. It is depicted as a form of currency in a variety of marine-themed fiction including the cartoon series Rainbow Fish on the HBO Family channel.


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