Sand in the Vaseline

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Sand in the Vaseline
Sand in the Vaseline

You appear to have wandered into the Frat Orcs' workout room. Wandering among the benches and rack of weights, you find yourself puzzled by an obvious discrepancy: how come they're so into body-building, when they scrupulously avoid all other forms of work?

Then you find a bottle full of rhinoceros hormones, and the mystery is solved. You suddenly feel less lucky.

Bottle.gifYou acquire an item: bottle of rhinoceros hormones

Occurs at Orcish Frat House while Lucky! and undisguised.




  • The title of the adventure is probably a reference to the punch line of the joke which runs as follows:
    • Q:"How do you make a hormone?"
    • A:"You put <title here>"
  • The title is certainly a reference to the use of Vaseline as a lubricant for anal sex, in keeping with the theme of homoeroticism among fratboys.
  • The title of the adventure may also be a reference to the Talking Heads' album of the same name.