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Long engaged in an uneasy truce with the Pastamancers, the guild of Saucerors protects the secrets of the Ancient Brotherhood of Gravymakers. Their Mysticality is their most important attribute.


Most Sauceror skills are learned from The League of Chef-Magi. All Saucerors begin the game with Sauce Contemplation and Salsaball.

Level Skill Description Effect Type MP Cost Train Cost
0 Contemplation.gif
Sauce Contemplation
By reflecting on the nature of the Cosmic Sauce, you can become more closely attuned to its mysteriousness. Your Enchantedness and Maximum HP will increase for a period of time. Saucemastery
(+1 Mysticality and +3 HP)
(5 Adventures)
Non-combat 1 N/A
0 Salsaball.gif
This spell allows you to conjure up a ball of spicy salsa and sling it at your enemy, doing a small amount of damage. 2-3 Hot Damage, hard capped at 8 Combat Spell 1 N/A
1 Scurse1.gif
Curse of Vichyssoise
In Sauceror school, you have to learn how to make soup before you learn how to make Sauce. For most people it's just kid stuff, but you learned a pretty cool trick while you were pranking the dean one year -- you can conjure up a big mass of freezing soup and coat a dead buffalo in it! Or, I mean, things that aren't dead buffalo, too, I guess. Deals 2-3 Cold Damage every round, plus 2 damage per Cold Resistance, capped at +5 Cold Resist

NOTE: Only one Curse can be cast per fight.

Combat 2 125 Meat
1 Simmer.gif
A watched pot never boils, but it takes surprisingly little effort for you to boil over into a murderous rage. Quite a bit of time, mind you, but not much effort. Simmering
Spell Damage +100%
Regenerate 8-10 MP per Adventure
(10 Adventures)
Noncombat 0 (1 adv.) 125 Meat
2 Saucestream.gif
Stream of Sauce
This spell creates a stream of scorching sauce with which to baste your enemies. Deals (9-11)+(0.2*Mys) Hot Damage, hard capped at 24 Combat Spell 2 250 Meat
2 Saucysalve.gif
Saucy Salve
This skill allows you to conjure up a healing salve made of healing sauce, and heal some of your wounds. Healingly. Heals 10-15 HP. Combat Spell 4 250 Meat
3 Saucepan.gif
Expert Panhandling
You've got mad skills at handling the pan. This skill increases the amount of Meat you get when fighting monsters by 10%. (15% with a saucepan equipped) +10% or +15% Meat from Monsters Passive N/A 500 Meat
3 Icyglare.gif
Icy Glare
Your eyes are piercing, like an icicle falling through a car roof, or somebody whose eyes are actually crossbow bolts.

Actually, did that guy just get shot in both eyes with crossbow bolts? Somebody really ought to take him to the doctor.

Noncombat 10 500 Meat
4 Elesphere.gif
Elemental Saucesphere
This spell conjures a shell of sauce around you (or another player), which will protect you (or another player) from all elemental attacks. Elemental Saucesphere
(So-So Resistance to All Elements (+2))
(X Adventures)
Buff 10 750 Meat
4 Innersauce.gif
Inner Sauce
Inside you is a ceaseless reservoir of seething sauce. You might not have noticed -- a lot of people mistake it for heartburn. Regenerate 3-4 MP per Adventure
(1 MP per Adventure for non-Saucerors)
Passive N/A 750 Meat
5 Lovepotion.gif
Advanced Saucecrafting
This skill allows you to use scrumptious reagents, in combination with various food items, to cook up a wide variety of sauces and salves.
  • Allows you to cook with scrumptious reagents.
  • Allows you to conjure 3 reagents once per day (5 with The Way of Sauce).
Non-combat 10 1,250 Meat
5 Raincloud.gif
This spell allows you to conjure up a chaotic storm of roiling sauces, both burning and freezing your hapless foes, who undoubtedly did not bring both a parka and a fireproof umbrella. Deals (20-24)+(0.2*Mys) damage twice in Hot and Cold damage, hard capped at 50 each Combat Spell 6 1,250 Meat
6 Soulsauce.gif
Soul Saucery
One of the fundamental tenets of Saucery is that everything is Sauce. Literally everything, on a basic level, behaves like Sauce. And you've learned that souls are no different. They just... scream a little more when you cook them.

NOTE: Only true Saucerors can control Soulsauce. For everybody else it just goes everywhere and makes a big mess.

Allows you to gather Soulsauce from defeated foes (Max 100)

Allows Saucerors to spend Soulsauce on the following skills:

Passive N/A 1,750 Meat
6 Scurse3.gif
Curse of Marinara
This curse causes writhing tendrils of marinara sauce to burst out from within your foes, wiggling around like some sort of crazy tomato octopus. And if some of it is actually blood instead of sauce, well, what are you gonna do? Deals ~3% of monster's Attack every round in physical damage (min 2-3) and heals you equal to damage dealt; if cursed monster is defeated by a spell from a Sauceror, heals for 30% of damage dealt, capped at 50 HP

NOTE: Only one Curse can be cast per fight.

Combat 4 1,750 Meat
7 Pepsphere.gif
Jalapeño Saucesphere
This spell will conjure a shell of spicy sauce around you (or another player.) Any monster that passes through the shield will take damage. Jalapeño Saucesphere
Monsters hitting you take 1-5 damage
Damage Reduction: 3
(X Adventures)
Buff 5 2,500 Meat
7 Saucewave.gif
Wave of Sauce
This spell will conjure an immense wave of boiling sauce, which will wash over your enemies and cleanse them from the face of the Cosmos. And also ruin their clothes. Deals (45-50)+(0.3*Mys) Hot Damage, hard capped at 100, and delevels monster defense by 8-10 Combat Spell 10 2,500 Meat
8 Triggerfinger.gif
Itchy Curse Finger
Anybody who mess with you is going to get cursed so quickly they won't even know they got cursed until after they are already totally cursed. Sauce Curses cause monsters to stagger when cast Passive N/A 3,250 Meat
8 Scurse2.gif
Curse of the Thousand Islands
An ancient dimension-traveling Sauceror once discovered a strange realm that she named The Thousand Islands -- a cosmic archipelago of floating land masses, drifting through a blood-dark void. Nobody knows where they came from, and some strange residual effects of whatever cataclysm created them have rendered them impervious to the ministrations of mapmakers.

It's a nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to go there. Wait, I meant it is not a nice place to visit, which is why being banished to there is really awful, and you would only do it to your worst enemies. Or any of your enemies, really.

Your enemies become lost in time and space, making it more difficult for them to attack you

NOTE: Only one Curse can be cast per fight.

Combat 6 3,250 Meat
9 Pepper.gif
Intrinsic Spiciness
This skill makes you spicier, in general, than others. Your Sauce spells will do more damage to opponents. +1 spell damage for sauce spells per level; maximum +10 Passive N/A 4,000 Meat
9 Saucecicle.gif
This spell conjures up a giant spike of frozen sauce and impales your hapless foe with it. Then it melts, making for much easier cleanup. Deals (45-50)+(0.3*Mys) Cold Damage, hard capped at 150 Combat Spell 12 4,000 Meat
10 Mastersaucier.gif
Master Saucier
What did the Gorean slave girl say to her owner when his tales of adventure were not ribald enough? Nothing, because you incinerated both of them with a burst of sauce fueled by your powerful magic and seething hatred of obscure misogynistic nerd subcultures. Spell Damage +10% Passive N/A 5,000 Meat
10 Antibiosphere.gif
Antibiotic Saucesphere
This spell allows you to conjure a sphere of soothing triple-antibiotic sauce around yourself or another Adventurer. Antibiotic Saucesphere
Regenerate 4-5 HP per Adventure
(X Adventures)
Buff 15 5,000 Meat
11 Saucegeyser.gif
This spell will call forth a tremendous geyser of Sauce from the ground at your enemy's feet. Few foes can withstand the savage combination of beating and drowning that this spell delivers. Deals (60-70)+(0.4*Mys) Hot or Cold damage, whichever is more effective Combat Spell 24 6,250 Meat
11 Saucemaven.gif
You can make a sauce, but did you ever stop to enjoy a sauce? Yes, actually. Yes you did. In fact, you enjoyed it so much that if a normal person ever enjoyed anything a tenth that much, they would explode with pleasure. +5 Adventures from eating reagent pastas or hi meins for Saucerors and Pastamancers, +3 Adventures for non-Myst classes Passive N/A 6,250 Meat
12 5alarm.gif
Impetuous Sauciness
You're as saucy as saucy can be. When you drink potions crafted with Scrumptious Reagents, their effects will last 5 Adventures longer for you than they do for normal people. Reagent potions give 5 extra turns of their effect Passive N/A 7,500 Meat
12 Scurse4.gif
Curse of Weaksauce
This ancient curse coats your opponents in a layer of sauce formulated to drain their strength. This is similar to but distinct from the ancient Canadian curse that coats opponents in sap formulated to sap their strength. Delevels monster by ~3% of original Attack value every round; if cursed monster is defeated by a spell from a Sauceror, restores MP equal to 30% of damage dealt, capped at 50 MP

NOTE: Only one Curse can be cast per fight.

Combat 8 7,500 Meat
13 Blackstench.gif
Diminished Gag Reflex
Working with pungent sauces has increased your tolerance for bad smells -- stench-based attacks will be less effective against you. So-So Stench Resistance Passive N/A 10,000 Meat
13 Wrysmile.gif
Wry Smile
Few smiles are as wry as the smile of a wizard. Noncombat 10 10,000 Meat
14 Spunk.gif
Irrepressible Spunk
Your vim, vigor and energy cannot be contained by forces as weak as the laws of physics or the frailty of the human body. Maximum HP +5%
Maximum MP +5%
Passive N/A 12,500 Meat
14 Saucemonocle.gif
Sauce Monocle
You can conjure a lens of sauce of delicious precision. Looking through it will make it easier to see where the pointy end of your spells should go. Sauce Monocle
+15% Chance of Spell Critical Hit (+5% Critical Spell Chance for non-Saucerors)
(10 Adventures)
Noncombat 20 12,500 Meat
15 Potion9.gif
The Way of Sauce
You know everything there is to know about the Saucerorin' business. You are capable of making the finest potions and sauces known to Saucerorkind. Allows you to use scrumdiddlyumptious solutions to make high quality sauces and potions, as well as granting the ability to conjure two additional scrumptious reagents per day. Passive N/A 15,000 Meat
15 Saucedrops.gif
Blood Sugar Sauce Magic
You've come to realize that you don't need nearly as much blood as you've got in your body, but you can always use more magical power. Blood Sugar Sauce Magic
Maximum HP -30%
Maximum MP +30%
(Maximum HP -10% & Maximum MP +10% for non-Saucerors)
Noncombat N/A 15,000 Meat
Spookyraven Manor Quest Skill
N/A Scarysauce.gif
This spell coats you (or somebody else) with a writhing coating of sauce. But not any ordinary sauce -- sauce made of the very essence of fear. The overall effect is very spooky. Scarysauce
(So-So Cold Resistance and Sleaze Resistance
Also, monsters attacking you take 2-10 Spooky Damage)
(X Adventures)
Buff 10 N/A
Sea Floor Skill
N/A Potion10.gif
Deep Saucery
You've beheld the Deep Sauce. You've heard the songs it sings. You feel what it feels, and you know what it knows. And most importantly, you understand how to cook with it. Allows you to create potions with globes of Deep Sauce. Passive N/A N/A
Crimbo '09 Skill
N/A Icingsurge.gif
Surge of Icing
This spell adds a little bit of holiday flair to your Saucery, allowing you to summon a massive gout of delicious icing. Deals (14-18)+(0.2*Mys) physical damage, hard capped at 40, deals 50% bonus damage if you have Sugar Rush and removes 1 turn of it Combat Spell 10 N/A
The Traveling Trader Skill
N/A Cheesestorm.gif
This spell allows you to conjure up a storm of pungent cheese sauce. Deals (35-40)+(0.3*Mys) Stench Damage, hard capped at 100 Combat Spell 10 N/A


The amount of Mysticality required to attain level L follows the formula Mysticality = L2 - 2L+ 5.

Class-Specific Powers

Class Gear


Saucepan Buff Durations
Saucepan 5
5-Alarm Saucepan 10
warbear oil pan 10
oil pan 12
17-alarm Saucepan 15
Saucepanic 15
Windsor Pan of the Source 20
frying brainpan 20


Although a Sauceror is a master of all sauces, only a select few sauces are worthy for laying waste to opponents in combat. All of a Sauceror's spells are composed of one of the following sauces:

  • Cold sauces
    • aioli
    • applesauce
    • catsup
    • chocolate sauce
    • chutney
    • cocktail sauce
    • French dressing
    • Italian dressing
    • ketchup
    • mayonnaise
    • mint sauce
    • mustard
    • remoulade
    • Russian dressing
    • salad cream
    • tartar sauce
    • vinaigrette
  • Hot sauces
    • Alfredo sauce
    • Béarnaise sauce
    • beurre blanc
    • Bolognese sauce
    • Buffalo sauce
    • duck sauce
    • Marinara sauce
    • Neapolitan sauce
    • Oyster sauce
    • salsa
    • salsa verde
    • steak sauce
    • Teriyaki sauce
    • Worcestershire sauce



  • The names of levels 3 through 6 are a reference to the English ballad "Scarborough Fair".
Seal Clubber
Turtle Tamer
Disco Bandit
Accordion Thief