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Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: 6

This spell allows you to conjure up a chaotic storm of roiling sauces, both burning and freezing your hapless foes, who undoubtedly did not bring both a parka and a fireproof umbrella.

Buffet your foes with hot and cold sauces

Source: Guild Trainer
Price: 1,250 Meat
Class: Sauceror
Level: 5
Effect: Deals (20-24)+floor(0.2*Mys) Cold Damage and Hot Damage, with each hard capped at 50 and rolled separately.
When Used:
with a porcelain pepper mill equipped:

You give your mill a few cranks and fill the air with pepper particles.

Cold cloud attack:
A frigid mist gathers, dealing X damage to your shivering foe, as a cloud of <sauce> coalesces above you.
A chill wind heralds the arrival of a roiling cloud of <sauce> overhead. A chill wind also deals X damage to your opponent.
A fog of <sauce> vapor deals X damage to your opponent before rising to form a cloud overhead.

Hot rain attack:
A torrent of <sauce> falls from the cloud, drenching your opponent and dealing X damage.

With a wet thunderclap, a burst of <sauce> rain falls from the cloud, scorching your foe for X damage.


  • This spell hits the opponent with two attacks, the first dealing Cold Damage and the second dealing Hot Damage. Each of the attacks can cause a critical hit separately. Each of the attacks also benefits from the additional damage of the Rain-Doh green lantern or other such mechanics.
  • With a porcelain pepper mill equipped, each attack has 20-24 physical damage added.
  • Against Group Monsters, the spell hits up to two opponents, doubling both its hot and cold damage.
  • Each component of this spell has a hard cap of 50 total damage, before bonus percent spell damage, group hits, and critical hits are applied.


  • Was drastically changed on November 14, 2013. See the old version here.