Save the Texas Prairie Chicken

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Save the Texas Prairie Chicken
Save the Texas Prairie Chicken

You trudge over a low dune on the beach, and nearly stumble over the corpses of several pirates. After poking them a few times to make sure that they're not going to rise up in a horrible, groaning parody of life, you start searching them for valuables. You discover that one of them is carrying a shovel, one an elaborate iron key, and one a treasure map. From this, you cleverly deduce that they must have killed each other over the treasure.

You find the spot marked on the map a few feet away, and start digging. You uncover a stout oaken chest, which unlocks easily with the key you found. Slowly and dramatically, you lift the lid, and discover a green wool cap with a pom-pom on top.

Incredible! You've found Mike Nesmith's locker!

Woolhat.gifYou acquire an item: wool hat

Occurs at Sonofa Beach


  • "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken" and "Mike Nesmith's locker" refer to the 60s television show The Monkees.
  • "Mike Nesmith's locker" is also a pun on "Davy Jones' locker", Davy Jones being another member of the Monkees.
  • The entire setup of this adventure is based on a scene in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, wherein three characters are fighting over a chest containing Davy Jones' heart.