Sawed-off blunderbuss

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sawed-off blunderbuss
sawed-off blunderbuss

What better way to tell somebody to sod off than with the business end of this of this blunderbuss. You almost can't spell blunderbuss without business, but it didn't quite work out.

Type: ranged weapon (1-handed pistol)
Damage: 5 - 10
Cannot be discarded

+3 Pirate Warfare Effectiveness
All Attributes +3
+3 Spooky Damage
+3 Stench Damage
+3 Hot Damage
+3 Cold Damage
+3 Sleaze Damage

(In-game plural: sawed-off blunderbusses)
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Item number: 11424
Description ID: 493752694
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Obtained From

The Bar At War
Crimbuccaneer barrrback

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