School of Hard Knocks Diploma

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School of Hard Knocks Diploma
School of Hard Knocks Diploma

This diploma certifies that you survived the school of hard knocks.

Type: misc (reusable)
Cannot be traded or discarded

Brings up Enraging Memories

(In-game plural: School of Hard Knocks Diplomas)
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Item number: 9123
Description ID: 202870687
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Obtained From

The Swagger Shop (1,000 swagger) (You must earn 1,000 swagger during a school season to purchase this item.) (Only available during PvP Season 27, 33, 50, 57 and 69)

When Used

  • First use each day:
You look at your pile of diplomas.
Your rage simmers as you think about how much effort you wasted on those stupid pieces of paper.


You gain X PvP Fights
  • Subsequent uses each day:
You're[sic] rage towards the School of Hard Knocks has grown impotent for the day.


  • Unlike other seasonal swagger rewards, this could be purchased multiple times. (Intentionally, that is.)
  • X is the number of School of Hard Knocks Diplomas you have, capped at 11, multiplied by 1.25, and then rounded randomly.
  • Diplomas can only be used once per day. So even if you buy extra diplomas after using yours for the day, it will still count for your daily use.
  • Diplomas are not consumed on use.


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