Scorpion whip

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scorpion whip
scorpion whip

This is a whip made out of a scorpion's tail. I don't recommend trying to ghost ride it, whatever that means. It's long, flexible, and the business end glistens with venomous nastiness. You could sure punish the heck out of someone for shedding familial blood with this thing.

Type: weapon (1-handed whip)
Damage: 2 - 4
Selling Price: 25 Meat.

Weapon Damage +13
50% chance of poisoning opponent.

(In-game plural: scorpion whips)
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Item number: 2580
Description ID: 661963442
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Obtained From

The Arid, Extra-Dry Desert
rock scorpion


  • An enemy poisoned by this weapon will suffer damage in addition to the normal attack damage and any familiar attack damage.
  • Poison damage in the first round is approximately 16-25% of the original physical damage from the strike. The damage halves each subsequent round until it goes to zero. Monsters can be poisoned multiple times in a battle and the damage effect will stack with any poisoning still in effect.
  • The damage inflicted by the poison is physical in nature; all physical-resistant monsters will be dealt 1 point of damage by the poison.
  • If you attack Ed the Undying with the scorpion whip, he will gain the poison effect for all his other forms as well.
  • If you attack The Naughty Sorceress with the scorpion whip, she will also gain the poison effect for all her other forms, including her final form.


  • In classical Greek mythology, the Eumenides (or Furies) became responsible for the punishments and executions of those who spilled familial blood. One of the weapons they wielded was a whip made of scorpions. In Aeschylus's play The Eumenides, the Furies pursue Orestes because he killed his mother.
  • The description is also a reference to Ghost Riding the Whip, a dangerous practice associated with hip-hop that is similar to car surfing.
  • In the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game there is a weapon called a scorpion whip. Similar to the one described here, it is made from the tail of a giant scorpion and each hit carries the chance of poisoning an opponent.

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