Scout seal

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Scout seal
Monster ID 1440
Locations A Scorching Abyssal Portal, A Stinking Abyssal Portal, A Terrifying Abyssal Portal
Hit Points 50
Attack 30
Defense 35
Initiative 300
Meat None
Phylum demon
Elements None
Resistance  ?
Monster Parts unknown
foetid seal tear, crystalline seal eye
Manuel Entry
refreshedit data
scout seal You're fighting a scout seal

"You approach the portal, and see a monster so hideous that you only barely recognize it as an Infernal seal -- instead of flippers it has leathery wings, instead of a plump round torso it's nearly snakelike, and instead of eyes it has a lot of eyes. Like... a lot.

And all of them are looking at you.

Hit Message(s):

It strangles you with its long tail. It takes a really long time, but it deprives you of a surprising amount of oxygen. Ow!

Its eyes dart in all directions at once. You get dizzy looking at them, and trip and hit your <shins> on a rock. Ow!

It batters your <ear> with its leathery wings. You vow to make a jacket out of them before this fight is over. Argh!

Miss Message(s):

It takes a break from attacking you to fly around the area, looking at various things.

It tries to attack you, but goes all cross-eyed four or five times and can't manage to hit you.

It tries to strangle you, but ends up strangling a random Adventurer behind it, instead.

After Combat

Teardrop.gifYou acquire an item: foetid seal tear (30% chance)*
Crystaleye.gifYou acquire an item: crystalline seal eye (% chance)*

Occurs in a Stinking Abyssal Portal and a Scorching Abyssal Portal.


  • Both drops seem to be conditional. They cannot be forced using a yellow ray or Rave Steal.
  • Unlike Infernal Seals, the scout will take full damage from any weapon, not just clubs – despite its theme.