Scrumptious reagent

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Were you looking for nauseating reagent?

scrumptious reagent
scrumptious reagent

This is a substance with mystical properties which allow it to combine with many food items to make a variety of sauces and salves.

It can only be used by powerful Saucerors.

(Meatsmithing component)
(Fancy Cooking ingredient)
Selling Price: 1 Meat.

(In-game plural: scrumptious reagents)
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Item number: 346
Description ID: 632079051
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Obtained From

Knob Goblin Laboratory
Knob Goblin Very Mad Scientist
Advanced Saucecrafting (Without The Way of Sauce 3/day)
Advanced Saucecrafting (With The Way of Sauce 5/day)
Gravyskin Belt of the Sauceblob (3/day with Advanced Saucecrafting)


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  • On June 14 2006 major changes were made to the Scrumptious Reagents. All old potions had their names changed and many had their effects changed as well.
  • On Sept 19 2008, a few new potions were added and all potions got a new use message.
  • See reagent potions for a list of potion names, ingredients, and effects.


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