Set an Open Course for the Virgin Booty

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If you're looking for quick stat island coordinates: Mus(56,14); Myst(23,66); Mox(13,91).

You hand the Meat over to the navigator, who hands it over to the quartermaster, who hands it over to an accounts payable rep, who hands it over to the grog purchasing agent, the food acquisition specialist, and the convenience store clerk, and soon the ship is fully outfitted for a voyage.


The navigator squints at you and asks "That's that, then. To what coordinates would you like to sail in search of booty, Cap'm?"

Longitude: <number> (1-242)
Latitude: <number> (1-100)

Set Sail!

"Aye aye, Cap'm!" says the navigator, and there is a bustle of activity as the ship leaves port -- sails are unfurled, masts are hoisted, pulleys are winched, all that kind of shippy stuff. Pretty soon, you've lost sight of land, and the open sea lies... um... open before you as you sail towards your destination.


A full map of the ocean, with coordinates for the adventures, can be found at Set an Open Course for the Virgin Booty (Map).

Ocean Treasure
  • Note: Drops a random cursed chest or key.
  • Note: Default adventure when not going to one of the co-ordinates below.

Rainbow Pearl

Stone Triangle

Small Tropical Island

Stone Pyramid
  • Note: Occurs at any coordinate when adventuring with a strange stone pyramid in your inventory.
  • Note: After this adventure, the strange stone pyramid is lost from your inventory.
  • Note: Can no longer occur as there are no more strange stone pyramids in the Kingdom.


Gilligan's Island
  • Note: Gain 250-350 Muscle substat.

Monkey Island
  • Note: Gain 250-350 Muscle substat.

Oyster Island
  • Note: Gain 250-350 Muscle substat.

Dinosaur Comics

Land of the Lost

Myst Island

Cast Away
  • Note: Gain 250-350 Moxie substat.

Lord of the Flies
  • Note: Gain 250-350 Moxie substat.

  • Note: Gain 250-350 Moxie substat.


  • Occurs after choosing to "Front the meat and take the wheel" in O Cap'm, My Cap'm.
  • Choosing invalid coordinates results in the following message:
    The navigator sighs. "Those aren't valid coordinates, Cap'm. Care to try again?"
  • The Kingdom of Loathing is present on this map, largely occupying an 11x11 region beginning at the coordinates (11,11). Several coordinates in this region are not explorable, resulting in the area resembling that portrayed on the Main Map. Attempting to search one of these locations would give the following message:
    The navigator says "Sorry, Cap'm, but we can't sail to those coordinates, because that's where the mainland is, and we've pretty much plundered the mainland dry. Perhaps a more exotic locale is in order?"


  • The name of the adventure is similar to "set an open course for the virgin sea", a lyric from the song "Come Sail Away", by Styx.
  • The treasure-crane (used to find chests, rainbow pearls, and stone triangles/spheres) is probably based on the same device in the video game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.
  • There is a sexual reference in the name of this adventure which, if you haven't picked up on by now, you're probably not old enough to understand.

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