Shadow Play

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Shadow Play
Shadow Play

You walk into the nursery and hear a rustling coming from inside one of the toy chests. It's not the normal rustling, like the rustling of a bunch of possessed toys that are about to start trying to kill you, but a more... er... I guess a more actually normal rustling, like the rustling of children playing. Children named Russel, maybe.

You creep up and peer into the box to see three small ghosts. One giggles mischievously as she dangles a toy just out of reach of another, who weeps at the torment. The chubby third ghost ignores them both, focusing instead of trying to eat a fake wooden banana.

As they notice your approach, the giggling, weeping and snorting give way to a high pitched shriek as they scatter.

Great. You were hoping to spend a bunch of time chasing children around today.

Occurs at The Haunted Nursery.