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Type: Combat Spell
MP Cost: N/A

You've learned to take big pieces of warbear metal (those weird mechanical whosits) and make them into smaller, more jagged pieces of warbear metal. This wouldn't normally be all that useful, except that the small pieces are also moving very quickly.

Source: Using a warbear metalworking primer or warbear metalworking primer (used)
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Does a large amount of physical damage, provided you have a warbear whosit.
When Used:
You break the whosit into three smaller whatchamacallits. You know, those jagged pieces of fast-moving metal. Shrapnel... shrapnels? One of the pieces hits your opponent for X damage.

Another of the shraps hits him as well, dealing another X damage.

Just when you think the spray of shrapnel is over, nope! More shrapnel! One more piece, at least, which hits your foe for X more damage.


  • Casting this spell requires a warbear whosit, which is consumed by the spell. The spell will not show in the drop down menu if you do not have any whosits in inventory.
  • Early spading suggests that this skill is equivalent to a physical-element Volcanometeor Showeruption, which in turn is equivalent to 3 hot Saucegeysers.

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