Shrine to the Barrel god

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shrine to the Barrel god
shrine to the Barrel god

This crate contains one (1) shrine to the Barrel god, suitable for everyday worship.

Type: usable
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: shrines to the Barrel god)
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Item number: 8564
Description ID: 671094436
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Obtained From

Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Mr. Store (1 Mr. Accessory)

When Used

  • If you have already used one of these before:
You've already got one of those. You can find it in the Dungeoneer's Association building in the Big Mountains.
  • Otherwise:
You head to the Dungeoneer's Association, find an empty spot on the floor, open the crate, and spread its contents out. Then you grab your tools and painstakingly follow the assembly instructions until you've got a lot less skin on your knuckles than you used to have and also one more shrine to the Barrel god than you used to have.


  • September 2015's item of the month from Mr. Store.
Its in-store description: Grants the favor of the Barrel god. You'll find barrels everywhere you look!
Info page

Barrel Encounters

Causes you to randomly find smashable barrels after combats.

Low-Level Medium-Level High-Level Drops Rare Drops
Indoor Barrelfirkin.gif
little firkin
normal barrel
big tun
Booze Beerbottle.gif
bottle of Amontillado
barrel-aged martini
barrel gun
Outdoor Barrelweathered.gif
weathered barrel
dusty barrel
disintegrating barrel
Food Barrelcracker.gif
barrel cracker
barrel pickle
tiny barrel
Underground Barrelmoist.gif
moist barrel
rotting barrel
mouldering barrel
Spleen Cuteshroom.gif
cute mushroom
vibrating mushroom
barrel beryl
Underwater Barrelbarnacle.gif
barnacled barrel
water log

Barrels aren't multi-usable, instead they have a [smash party] link, which displays them all on your screen much like the old Barrel full of Barrels and lets you smash them that way.

The indoor, outdoor and underground barrels drop booze, food and spleen items respectively. The underwater barrels drop items found in The Sea.

Non-underwater locations will drop either low-level, medium-level or high-level barrel types, dependent on the recommended mainstat for the location. This mechanic is very similar to Turtle Taming.

  • If the recommended mainstat is less than 25 then the location will drop low-level barrels.
  • If the recommended mainstat is between 25 to 100 then the location will drop medium-level barrels.
  • If the recommended mainstat is greater than 100 then the location will drop high-level barrels.

Post-Combat Messages

  • A hearty, booming voice says "YES. WELL DONE, I SUPPOSE. GOOD ENOUGH." A little half-size barrel appears at your feet.
    A firkin rolls up to you unexpectedly. On the side of it is stenciled the word "NICE."
    As your opponent falls over, you see a firkin that you didn't see before because your opponent was standing in front of it.
    Oh look! A little miniature barrel! It's adorable!
    You find a firkin, which is like a barrel but smaller, so I guess the Barrel God is smirking on you. Smirkin.
    Barrelfirkin.gifYou acquire an item: little firkin
  • A booming, boisterous voice from nowhere shouts "WELL DONE! I AM PLEASED!" and a barrel appears in a flash of light.
    After the fight, a barrel rolls up to you from... well, you didn't see where. It has the words "GOOD JOB!" stenciled on the side.
    Oh hey, a barrel. If you'd noticed it a second earlier, you could've had your opponent over it.
    You look around for somewhere to stash your opponent's body, and find a barrel. It's still full, though, so you take it with you and just leave the body lying on the floor like usual.
    Your opponent falls on top of a nearby barrel, which you hadn't noticed before.
    Barrelnormal.gifYou acquire an item: normal barrel
  • A booming, unseen voice shouts "HO HO HO! MOST EXCELLENT!" and a giant barrel appears next to you.
    A huge barrel rolls up to you out of nowhere; you narrowly avoid being crushed by it. It has "FANTASTIC" stencilled on the side.
    Good lord, that's the biggest barrel you've ever seen, and you've seen a tun!
    Now that the fight is over, you notice a huge barrel standing nearby. I bet it's a tun of fun!
    There's a beer-scented flash of light, and a massive barrel appears next to you. The Barrel God must be pretty stoked!
    There's a giant barrel sitting nearby, so you take it with you. It weighs exactly a tun.
    Barrelbig.gifYou acquire an item: big tun
  • As you walk away, you stumble across an old barrel sitting in the weeds. That's a weird place to find a barrel.
    Hey, look at that old barrel. You don't have to right now -- you can take it with you and look at it on your own time.
    There's an old weathered barrel nearby -- it looks like it's been sitting there for years, but you could swear wasn't there a minute ago.
    Hey! Hey guess what? Look! A barrel! You found a barrel!
    You find an old weathered barrel in the bracken nearby. I guess someone lost their stuff? That's what it says on the side, "STUFF".
    Barrelweathered.gifYou acquire an item: weathered barrel
  • A mail-cart pulls up next to you. "%playername?% Delivery for you." You sign a form and the delivery guy unloads a dusty barrel. The return address just says "BARREL GOD".
    You find a dusty barrel on the side of the path. You get the sense that the Barrel God is pleased, because a loud voice says "I AM PLEASED."
    You find a dusty barrel sitting nearby, and decide to take it home and dust it.
    You find an old barrel nearby. It's filthy, but still intact, so the contents are probably still clean. Unless it just contains filth.
    You turn around and are surprised to find an old dusty barrel just sitting right there behind you for no explained reason.
    You watch, bemused, as a dusty barrel rolls down the road toward you, seemingly under its own power.
    Barreldusty.gifYou acquire an item: dusty barrel
  • "HEADS UP!" booms a voice from somewhere above you, just before a barrel hits the ground next to you.
    A barrel falls out of the sky and slams into your fallen opponent. Which might've been more timely a second ago, but the Barrel God doesn't seem like someone you want to complain to about tardiness.
    A large barrel rolls up to you. From the looks of it, it's been rolling a long time.
    There's a sudden flash of lightning, and a barrel appears next to you! It doesn't appear to be immune to lightning, however.
    You find a roughly barrel-shaped pile of disintegrating wood. Hopefully it hold together long enough for you to open it.
    You find an ancient and disintegrating barrel nearby. It has "OLD THINGS" stencilled on the side, which seems appropriate.
    Barreldisint.gifYou acquire an item: disintegrating barrel
  • A booming voice says "I AM PLEASED. ENJOY THIS MOIST BARREL." Which is a sentence that most people never even get to hear in their lifetimes.
    You find a barrel, which is a bit moist. Moist. Moiiiissssssst.
    You find a barrel standing under a dripping stalactite. Seems like it's been there for a while, but you manage to wrestle it out of the accumulated mineral deposits. Have I told you about my new shoegaze band? We just call ourselves 'AMD' for short.
    You find a moist barrel. Carrying it around is going to be unpleasant, but it's not like you could possibly turn down a free barrel.
    You hear a mighty "AH-CHOOO!" and a barrel materializes at your feet. Ugh, it's all damp.
    Barrelmoist.gifYou acquire an item: moist barrel
  • "CONGRATULATIONS!" booms an invisible voice, and an old, rotting barrel falls out of nowhere and goes "splunch" next to you. Which doesn't seem like much of a reward, but I suppose it's the contents that matter.
    A barrel rolls toward you out of the darkness, but partially collapses before making it all the way.
    Over in a corner, you find an old rotting barrel. Hopefully a barrel, and not a cheap coffin that fell in from the ceiling.
    There's an old barrel here, with the words "FOR YOU" stencilled on the side. How nice! Also kind of weird.
    You find an old rotting barrel with the word "ENJOY" stencilled on the side. Apparently, the Barrel God loves all barrels equally, regardless of their condition.
    Barrelrotting.gifYou acquire an item: rotting barrel
  • An old barrel is here, mouldering. Mouldering like a fox.
    You discover an ancient barrel, which hopefully is full of ancient treasure and not ancient pickles.
    You find an ancient barrel in the corner. Maybe this was an ancient storage cellar? For one barrel? Must've been a pretty important barrel!
    You unexpectedly find an old mouldering barrel that, even more unexpectedly, has your name stencilled on the side.
    Barrelmold.gifYou acquire an item: mouldering barrel
  • "COMBLOBUBLATIOBS!" booms a disembodied voice, and a large barrel drifts toward you from the murky depths.
    A barrel sinks toward you from above. ...I guess that's kind of redundant.
    You discover a large barrel, which hopefully is full of pirate treasure. And hopefully the pirates didn't specialize in crackers.
    You find a waterlogged and barnacle-encrusted barrel, and decide that the odds of there being something in there worth the trouble of hauling it out of the water are probably good enough to take the chance.
    You find an old barnacle-encrusted barrel, with a skeleton clinging to it. If it still had a face, it might have looked surprised by how un-buoyant the barrel turned out to be.
    Barrelbarnacle.gifYou acquire an item: barnacled barrel


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