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This is for the accordion thief skill. For the similarly name choice adventure, see Sing!.



Type: Combat
MP Cost: 1

You know that thing from old commercials where somebody sings and breaks a champagne glass? This skill lets you do that, except with skulls.

Deals damage over a few rounds of combat

Source: Starting Skill
Price: N/A
Class: Accordion Thief
Level: 1
Effect: Deals 2-3 damage to opponent, and 2-3 damage for two more rounds
When Used:
You belt out a few bars of your favorite song, dealing 2-3 damage to your enemy and leaving <its> ears ringing.


  • This skill costs 0 MP if you are currently an Accordion Thief.
  • Causes an enemy to take an additional 2-3 damage for two rounds after use, displaying the message:
<Its> ears continue to ring, dealing an additional 2-3 damage.

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