Siphon Spirits

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Siphon Spirits

Siphon Spirits

Type: Combat
MP Cost: 0

This skill enables your Happy Medium to extract some of the spiritual essence of your opponent, and use it to make you a cocktail. The theological implications are somewhat disturbing, but the cocktails are delicious.

Source: Have a charged Happy Medium as your current familiar
Price: N/A
Class: N/A
Level: N/A
Effect: Directs your Happy Medium to siphon the current monster into consumable booze. Stuns the monster for the current round.
When Used:
<Familiar name> waves her hands and extracts some of your opponent aura into a cocktail shaker. She mixes you a drink while the monster stands there looking stunned.

<Familiar name> holds out a cocktail glass and siphons some of his aura into the glass, then mixes up a metaphysical cocktail. He looks a little dazed after the extraction process.
<Familiar name> draws out some of its spirit and makes a cocktail with it. Your opponent gazes blankly into the distance.
<Familiar name> levitates a cocktail shaker in front of her. "Let's see. . . a little of this, a little of that, and some of that creature's aura, and presto!" She hands you a cocktail, and your opponent stands there looking stunned.
<Familiar name> conjurs the spirit of your opponent into a cocktail glass and mixes you a drink. Your opponent looks a little stunned.

SomethingYou acquire... something. [[Data:{{{item}}}]]
(see below)


Aura Quality Adv. Lvl. Req. Effect
Blue Good 4-5 n/a 5 Turns
Orange Awesome 6-7 4 10 Turns
Red Awesome 8-9 8 15 Turns
  • The following is a table of the spirits and their effects:
Type blue aura Medium 1.gif orange aura Medium 2.gif red aura Medium 3.gif Effect Effect Summary
Beasts Rocks.gif Zoodriver Rocks.gif Sloe Comfortable Zoo Rocks f.gif Sloe Comfortable Zoo on Fire Rampage! +50% Weapon Damage
Bugs Rocks.gif Grasshopper Rocks.gif Locust Rocks.gif Plague of Locusts Cockroach Scurry +50% Combat Initiative
Constellations Blackntan.gif Dark & Starry Juice.gif Black Hole Rocks.gif Event Horizon None Restores MP
Constructs Shot.gif Cement Mixer Shot.gif Jackhammer Shot.gif Dump Truck Mortarfied +100 Damage Absorption
Crimbo elves Martini.gif Lollipop Drop Rocks.gif Candy Alexander Shot f.gif Candicaine Holiday Bliss +20% item & meat drops
Demons Tikiglass.gif Suffering Sinner Tikiglass.gif Suppurating Sinner Tikiglass f.gif Sizzling Sinner Heart Aflame +50 Hot Damage
Dudes Martini.gif Humanitini Martini.gif More Humanitini than Humanitini Martini f.gif Oh, the Humanitini None Restores HP
Elementals Rocks.gif Firewater Rocks.gif Earth and Firewater Rocks.gif Earth, Wind and Firewater Elemental Mastery +5 Prismatic damage
Fish Rocks.gif Caipiranha Rocks.gif Flying Caipiranha Rocks f.gif Flaming Caipiranha Fishy -1 Adventure cost underwater
Goblins Shot.gif Buttery Knob Shot.gif Slippery Knob Shot f.gif Flaming Knob Gutterminded +50 Sleaze Damage
Hippies Rocks.gif Fauna Libre Rocks.gif Chakra Libre Rocks.gif Aura Libre Transcendental Wind +50 Mysticality
Hobos Celloshot.gif Mohobo Celloshot.gif Moonshine Mohobo Rocks f.gif Flaming Mohobo Mo' Hobo +10 Hobo Power
Horrors Rocks.gif Great Older Fashioned Chamfluteu.gif Fuzzy Tentacle Juice.gif Crazymaker Void Between the Stars +50 Cold Damage
Humanoids Martini.gif Red Dwarf Martini.gif Golden Mean Shot.gif Green Giant World's Shortest Giant So-so Resistance to all elements
Mer-kin Hurricane.gif Punchplanter Hurricane.gif Doublepunchplanter Hurricane f.gif Haymaker Fishy -1 Adventure cost underwater
Orcs Rocks.gif Sazerorc Rocks.gif Sazuruk-hai Rocks f.gif Flaming Sazerorc Orc Chops +50 Muscle
Penguins Daquiri.gif Herring Daiquiri Rocks.gif Herring Wallbanger Martini.gif Herringtini Fishy -1 Adventure cost underwater
Pirates Daquiri.gif Aye Aye Daquiri.gif Aye Aye, Captain Daquiri.gif Aye Aye, Tooth Tooth Arresistible +50 Moxie
Plants Juice.gif Green Velvet Juice.gif Green Muslin Juice.gif Green Burlap None Restores MP
Slimes Chamflute.gif Slimosa Chamflute.gif Extra-slimy Slimosa Shot f.gif Slimebite In the Slimelight +50 Stench Damage
Undead Blackntan.gif Drac & Tan Hurricane.gif Transylvania Sling Shot.gif Shot of the Living Dead Creepypasted +50 Spooky Damage
Weird Rocks.gif Drunken Philosopher Rocks.gif Drunken Neurologist Rocks.gif Drunken Astrophysicist Heisenberglary +/- Stats Randomly

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