Site Alpha Greenhouse

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Site Alpha Greenhouse
Site Alpha Greenhouse
Zone Num 555
Location Site Alpha Research Facility, North Pole
Recom Stat
Combat %
Terrain indoor
refreshedit data

The Site Alpha Greenhouse was available during the events of Crimbo 2021. To enter the site you need specific level of Cold resistance. If you do not have the required level of Cold resistance, you will receive the following message:

It's getting colder! Better bundle up.
[X Cold Resistance Required]

X starts at 5 and increases by 1 with every 3 adventures spent in any of the Site Alpha zones.

Combat Adventures

gooified flower This monster is a Plant -- (edit metadata)
Goo flower.gif

gooified tree This monster is a Plant -- (edit metadata)
Goo tree.gif

Non-combat Adventures

The Grayhouse
Np greenhouse.gif
  • Note: Occurs on first visit to the zone.
  • Note: Does not consume an adventure

Rocks Around The Crimbo Tree
Goo stone.gif