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This is a full-sized skeleton, but with a shocking revelation: It's made out of a person's bones!

Type: usable
Selling Price: 5 Meat.

(In-game plural: skeletons)
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Item number: 5881
Description ID: 991177466
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Obtained From

The Campground
A Bone Garden
A Bone Garden
skulldozer (20)
shaking skull
skulldozer (20)

When Used

  • From inventory (single use):
Skeletons and The Closet
Skeletons and The Closet
  • Using 2:
Skeleton item.gif
You lay two of the skeletons face-down and stand on them.
Skeletonskis.gifYou acquire an item: skeleton skis
  • Using 3:
Skeleton item.gif
You grind one skeleton to a pie crust, you grind a second skeleton to make some eggs, and you grind a third skeleton to abandon your self-respect. Voila, a quiche!
Klpie.gifYou acquire an item: skeleton quiche
  • Using 4:
Skeleton item.gif
You break the hands off of 4 skeletons and use them to fashion a handy sheath. Then you throw away all of the other bones, because apparently your mother raised you to be a wastrel.
Scabbard.gifYou acquire an item: skeletal scabbard
  • Using 5:
Skeleton item.gif
You start polishing skeletons and throwing them away, just because you feel like wasting effort and skeletons. When you polish the fifth one, though, it turns out that it was actually made of crystal, covered with a thin layer of bone. Also it's full of vodka. Hooray!
Crystalskel.gifYou acquire an item: crystal skeleton vodka
  • Using 7:
Skeleton item.gif
You build a boat with a skeleton crew.
Boneskiff.gifYou acquire an item: skeletal skiff
  • Using 9:
Skeleton item.gif
You grab 9 skeletons and keep stacking cinder blocks on top of them until all but one of their spines break. That's the spine you want.
Auxspine.gifYou acquire an item: auxiliary backbone
  • Using 11:
Skeleton item.gif
You decide to line up a bunch of skeletons and smash them until one of them drops a sweet sword.

The 11th one does.

Awesomesword.gifYou acquire an item: Bonestabber
  • Using 13:
Skeleton item.gif
Because you are supremely evil, you decide to fashion a throne out of 13 skeletons. And because you are supremely lazy, you figure you might as well make it a reclining throne.
Bonerecliner.gifYou acquire an item: Lazybones™ recliner
  • Using 100:
Skeleton item.gif
You cram 100 skeletons into the skull of one of the 100 skeletons. They just barely fit, somehow.
Shakeskull.gifYou acquire an item: shaking skull
  • Otherwise:
Skeleton item.gif
You try to assemble X skeletons into something, but you can't manage anything other than a stack of X skeletons, which you accidentally knock over.


  • When 7 skeletons are used with a skeletal skiff in your inventory, the skeletons will still be consumed, but no additional skeletal skiffs will be added to your inventory. You get the same message as if using an invalid number of skeletons.


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