Slime Hates It

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There are ten items which have the Slime Hates It effect: a hat, three one-handed weapons, one two-handed weapon, an off-hand item, a pair of pants, two accessories, and a potion. All but one of these items are made with a caustic slime nodule. This effect increases the Monster Level (ML) of monsters in The Slime Tube. However, the ML increase is not additive, but quadratic. The ML can be calculated by the formula min(15*N*(N+2),1000).


Number of items Monster Level increase
1 45
2 120
3 225
4 360
5 525
6 720
7 945
8 1000

To create most equipment with Slime Hates It takes several steps.

  • First, obtain one of the rusty items shown below.
  • Next, enter the Slime Tube and choose "Tickle the uvula" in the Engulfed! adventure. (Another clan member can perform this step; see the adventure page for details.)
  • Then, equip the rusty item and enter combat with a Slime Monster. During combat, the Slime Monster may take your rusty item, with the message:
    The Slime draws back and shudders, as if it's about to sneeze. Then it blasts you with a massive loogie that sticks to your <rusty item>, pulls it off of you, and absorbs it back into the mass.
  • Once that happens then simply defeat the slime and you will receive the slime-covered version of your rusty item.
  • Finally, craft the slime-covered item with a caustic slime nodule (except in the case of the Staff of the Scummy Sink, see below).

The slime-covered items, Slime Hates It items, and nodules are non-tradable.

Rusty Item Slimepocket small.gif Slime-Covered Item Causticnodule.gif Slime Hates It Item
rusty piece of rebar
--> Slimeclub.gif
slime-covered club
--> Mlcudgel.gif
pernicious cudgel
rusty speargun
--> Slimespeargun.gif
slime-covered speargun
--> Mlcrossbow.gif
diabolical crossbow
rusty diving helmet
--> Slimehelm.gif
slime-covered helmet
--> Mlcowl.gif
corrosive cowl
rusty chain necklace
--> Slimenecklace.gif
slime-covered necklace
--> Mlbando.gif
baneful bandolier
rusty old lantern
--> Slimelantern.gif
slime-covered lantern
--> Mlshield.gif
grisly shield
rusty grave robbing shovel
--> Slimeshovel.gif
slime-covered shovel
--> Mlscythe.gif
villainous scythe
rusty compass
--> Slimecompass.gif
slime-covered compass
--> Mlmedal.gif
malevolent medallion
rusty metal greaves
--> Slimegreaves.gif
slime-covered greaves
--> Mlpants.gif
corroded breeches
rusty staff
--> Slimestaff.gif
slime-covered staff
Chefstaff8.gif Scumsinkstaff.gif
Staff of the Scummy Sink
(details below)

Bitter Pill Recipe

Lovepotion.gif caustic slime nodule scrumptious reagent
Equals.gif bitter pill

Staff of the Scummy Sink Recipe

Obtaining a Staff of the Scummy Sink starts by turning a rusty staff into a slime-covered staff, like the equipment above, but it ends with Rodoric, the Staffcrafter instead.

Chefstaff8.gif slime-covered staff slimy sweetbreads slimy fermented bile bladder 10 sleaze wads big bumboozer marble
Equals.gif Staff of the Scummy Sink


  • To achieve maximum Slime Hates It, you will need to equip either 3 bandoliers or 1 medallion and 2 bandoliers, as bandoliers are the only Slime Hates It accessory you can wear more than one of at a time.