Slimy Eyeball

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Slimy Eyeball

Slimy Eyeball

This is a pristine eyeball plucked from Mother Slime. If you want it to stay pristine, don't let Salvador Dali near it.

(In-game plural: Slimy Eyeballs)

Obtained From

The Slime Tube
Mother Slime


  • This trophy is obtained by killing Mother Slime without triggering any of her resistance abilities.
  • Was used for a PVP minigame for PVP season 1 from 5/1/12 to 7/1/12


  • The comment about not letting Salvador Dalí near it is a reference to the surrealist movie Un Chien Andalou that Dalí produced together with Luis Buñuel. The movie begins with a famous scene where an eyeball is cut open.