Slow Food

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Slow Food
Slow Food

As you're poking around the kitchen, a giant enters the room and you dive into a huge bag of jelly beans to hide. The giant grumbles, picks up the bag of beans and throws it into the freezer.

Weird. Who freezes jelly beans. And wow, this freezer is big. And what is.... oh. Oh no. It can't be...

Can it?

Results: Oh good, it isn't. I mean it can't. Be a frozen turtle, which is what you were afraid it was. Could be. It turns out to just be a frozen turtle shell, which was abandoned next to a vent leading out of the freezer. Good work escaping, little guy.

You grab the shell and escape through the vent. Which fits through the vent after all, apparently.

Coldshell.gifYou acquire an item: frozen turtle shell

Occurs at The Castle in the Clouds in the Sky (Ground Floor).