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snow mobile
snow mobile

This is a little hanging sculpture made of bits of twinkling snow and sparkling ice. It's really pretty -- you should carry it around and show it to people right before you beat the crap out of them.

Type: off-hand item
Cannot be traded or discarded
This item will disappear at the end of the day.

Maximum MP +20
Makes Spells Way Cooler

(In-game plural: snow mobiles)
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Item number: 7083
Description ID: 734321513
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Obtained From

Winter Gardening (3 handfuls of snow berries, 2 ice harvests)


  • Adds Cold Damage to your spells, along with the following message.
Your snow mobile twinkles and tinkles as you cast your spell.


This item has equivalents for bonus spell damage aligned to other elements

Element Item Slot
Cold Damage Snowmobile.gif snow mobile Off-Hand
Hot Damage Sitpepper.gif big hot pepper Off-Hand
Hot Damage Metalm orb.gif meteorb Off-Hand
Sleaze Damage Porchat.gif porcelain porkpie
(Pastamancer spells only)
Spooky Damage Retrocape1.gif unwrapped knock-off retro superhero cape
(set to "Heck General"/"Kill Me")
Stench Damage Raindohlantern.gif Rain-Doh green lantern Off-Hand
All elements Vio buckle.gif Novelty Belt Buckle of Violence Accessory

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