Soylent staff

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soylent staff
soylent staff

This staff is people! It's made of people!

Wait, what? It's made of tofu? Eurggh, that's nasty!

Type: weapon (2-handed staff)
Damage: 10 - 20
Muscle Required: 35
Selling Price: 105 Meat.

Mysticality +4
Spell Damage +10

(In-game plural: soylent staves)
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Item number: 1747
Description ID: 961803521
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Hammer.gif bigger stick dense meat stack  
Hammer.gif dense meat staff scrumptious reagent  
Hammer.gif savory staff wad of tofu
Equals.gif soylent staff


  • This is a reference to the movie Soylent Green, where the cheapest food product (Soylent Green) in an overpopulated dystopian future turned out to be made of people. The word "soylent" was a combination of "soy" and "lentils", intended to fool people into thinking the foodstuff is made of innocuous ingredients; soy being the principal ingredient of tofu.

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