Space Trip

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Space Trip

The Space Trip game cabinet is located in The Game Grid Arcade.

You drop the token into the Space Trip machine, and there is a whooshing sound as your vision grows dim. After a few seconds, you hear a beeping from your wrist, and you look down to see some sort of high-tech looking communicator device.

Comm fo.gif
Message from First Officer Blaxsnarf Westinghouse:

Greetings, Captain, and welcome aboard the ASPCA Freedomtomahawk!

I'm First Officer Zapzap Moore, at your service.

A few days ago, ASPCA scientists picked up a strange reading on their scanners -- a space-time anomaly radiating pure Evil throughout the entire galaxy. The Evil is increasing in intensity at an alarming, exponential rate, and it has been determined that 52 galactic weeks from now the levels of Evil will be sufficient to make the entire galaxy explode in a very, very unpleasant manner.

Your mission, which you will soon see you have no choice but to accept, is to seek out the source of this Evil, and put a stop to it.

Good luck, Captain -- we're all counting on you.

BOB Galaxythwait
Crew: 30
Gas: 100 gal.
Money: 0 Crabs
Time Left: 52 weeks



  • Gameplay is based on exploring alien worlds and harvesting them for lifeforms, minerals, or scientific discoveries, as well as combat.
    • Your ship begins weak; once you earn enough Crabs you can purchase new supplies and ship upgrades in the Starbase.
    • There are 3 quadrants, progressively unlocked by upgrading your ship engines.
    • Additionally, if you have purchased one, you can launch an Astrozorian Commerce Grenade that will allow you to buy new upgrades depending on the quadrant you are in.
  • Alpha Quadrant:
    • Explore until you encounter a Murderbot and unlock the location of their colonies.
    • Attack the Murderbots until you receive the (broken) ID Transmitter.
  • Beta Quadrant:
    • Explore until you encounter the Scadians.
    • Visit their homeworld and save it by destroying the Murderbot Dreadnought attacking them.
    • Visit their homeworld again; ask about the ID Transmitter, and receive the codex.
  • Gamma Quadrant:


  • If you run out of gas or run too low on crew you will also have the option to:
Send a distress call to the ASPCA
  • If you are low on gas you receive 10 gas and the message:
Comm fo sad.gif
Message from First Officer Blaxzap Young:

Captain, the Galaxytrekker has received your distress signal, and dispatched a rescue ship with a can of gas. Unfortunately, the pilot of the ship demanded a X Crab tip before he would give us the gas.

  • If you are low on crew you receive 10 crew and the messsage:
Comm fo sad.gif
Message from First Officer Blorfblorf Lewis:

Captain, the Galaxytrekker has received your distress signal and dispatched a limousine ship carrying 10 new recruits. We had to tip the pilot X crabs to get him to leave.

  • In both cases X is 50% of your Crabs.
Press the Procrastinator artifact's SNOOZE button
  • This gives you 15 more weeks of game time, giving you the message: "You press the SNOOZE button, sending the ship back in time by 15 weeks"
  • If you do not destroy the Source within 52 weeks you lose:

Despite your valiant efforts, the Source reached a frenzy of Evil so intense that the entire galaxy was blown into smaller-than-galaxy-sized pieces and scattered through the cold, uncaring reaches of the universe.
Millenia[sic] from now, astronomers from other galaxies will notice a little bright spot in their telescopes, and say to themselves "Huh. Wonder what that's all about."
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  • If your ship is destroyed in battle:

Your ship was blown to bits by hostile aliens, and there were no survivors.
On the bright side, you and your crew were only mourned for X weeks, at which point all of your friends and family were destroyed in a massive, galaxy-shattering explosion of pure Evil.
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  • If you retire:

You mothball the ASPCA Freedomtomahawk and you and your crew retire to the pleasure planet Farrafaucetus Fornicatus XI, where you have a grand old time for X weeks, at which point the entire galaxy explodes.
If there were any history books left, rest assured that you would have gone down in them as the worst Captain the ASPCA ever knew.

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