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January 2016 Item-of-the-Month

space planula

This odd space planula Planula.gif will grow in to this Space Jellyfish Spacejelly.gif and:

This could be your inventory!



Explore the world with your trusty space jellyfish and fill your inventory with questionably delicious jelly! Each jelly provides a useful effecr and a bonus benefit! You can even slather it on toast. Yay toast!

A useful pal!

Your friendly space jellyfish will not only provide you with copious amounts of jelly, but it will also:

  • Stings your enemies and weakens them at the start of each fight! Zap!
  • Sit on your opponents face to distract them at the start of some fights! Squish!
  • Help you grow powerful and find items under water! Helpful!

... And there's more!

Does roughly 8-12 things that we haven't described here! Mystery! Suspense! Exciting bonuses!