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Hammockbrogre.gif This content has been retired and is no longer available in game.

Spaghetti Elemental

Spaghetti ElementalSpaghetti Elemental

The Spaghetti Elemental is a Pasta Guardian which Pastamancers can call upon in combat under certain conditions. By using a decoded cult documents a Pastamancer can establish a connection with a Spaghetti Elemental.

Once connected, the Pastamancer can then summon it in combat.

Combat Messages

  • During combat:
<name> wraps its pasty tendrils around your opponent, leeching away (3*level to 4*level) worth of their life-force. It doesn't look particularly pleasant.
  • When it levels up to level 3:
<name> looks stronger...
He's grown a fair bit, and acquired little beady eyes and a toothy maw. Okay, well, 'mouth'. He's still not big enough to call it a 'maw' yet, but he does look just like a smaller version of your Nemesis now. It ought to be a close enough resemblance to trick one of these cultists you're dealing with, assuming they haven't had any close personal encounters with their master. And these guys all look reasonably sane, as cultists go anyway, so it's a fair bet they haven't.
  • When summoning it at level 3 or higher against a spaghetti cultist in The Temple Portico for the first time:
At the sight of the spaghetti elemental, the cultist begins to quake with fear, his eyes widening to the size of hard-boiled eggs. He collapses to his knees, sobbing in fear. "My lord! Forgive me!" he wails. "I didn't know what I was doing! I thought it was a toilet! I swear!" <name> roars at the pathetic figure, and the man shrieks in terror. He tears off his robe and runs away screaming (and naked).
Huh, I wonder what that was all about. Oh well, at least you've got one of their robes now, though you're inclined to get it dry-cleaned first.
Spagrobe.gifYou acquire an item: spaghetti cult robe
  • During combat, at level 5 or higher:
<name> wraps its pasty tendrils around your opponent, leeching away some of their life-force. They are noticeably weakened by the attack.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by X
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by X
  • During combat, at level 10:
<name> whips its tentacles at your opponent, wrapping them from head to toe and rendering them immobile. Sucks to be them!


  • The spaghetti elemental's name changes as it levels up. It starts with Ssho(1)o(2)o, where (1) is an uppercase letter (might be vowel and consonant) and (2) is a lowercase consonant and another syllable like "(2)o" is added with each level up.

For example:

  • SshoNodo → SshoNodomo → SshoNodomogo → SshoNodomogoto → SshoNodomogotono → SshoNodomogotonoho
  • SshoQoho → SshoQohoho → SshoQohohopo → SshoQohohopodo → SshoQohohopodogo → SshoQohohopodogono


  • Image changes to a larger one at level 7.
  • Once level 5, the Spaghetti Elemental delevels by 1 to X, where X is the Spaghetti Elemental's level. The impact on monster attack power and monster defense are calculated separately and thus may not be identical. It also causes damage, which is not shown (and hasn't been spaded yet).
  • At level 10, it stops damaging and deleveling, but frequently uses its own version of entangling noodles. This can and likely will keep an enemy entangled over the duration of the combat (unless they are immune to multi-round stuns).
  • One of the Pasta Guardians. Guardian summons are limited to 10 per day, or 15 with the Bandolier of the Spaghetti Elemental.