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Spellslinging is a Hardcore strategy alternative to LTSynergy. The objective is to one-hit kill monsters with Sauceror spells. Changes to spellcasting in general with NS13 make this impractical as a class-neutral strategy, and this article is being retained for historical purposes.


  • Immaculate Seasoning: Passively controls the element of your Sauceror spells.
    • This is vital to the strategy because with it, you can always count on double damage against Cold, Stench, Spooky and Sleaze monsters.
  • Intrinsic Spiciness: Passively adds +1 Bonus Spell Damage per level, up to a maximum of 10.
    • An important passive damage-booster.
  • Entangling Noodles: Entangles the opponent, blocking 1-3 actions.
    • Great draw to this strategy, allows the player to land multiple attacks on high level monsters without chance of retaliation. This allows a spellslinger without a full set of skills/equipment to defeat high level monsters. LTSynergy users often need many more skills or +Melee Damage Equipment to accheive full lethality against high level monsters.
  • Stream of Sauce: This spell will do Random{3.0,4.0}+(0.1*Mysticality) points of Hot or Cold damage, with Mysticality capped at 100.
    • This is the mainstay attack skill of the strategy. It's usually enough to one-hit kill a monster until you venture over the Beanstalk.
  • Jackasses' Symphony of Destruction: This AT buff adds +12 Spell Damage.
    • Another important damage-booster.
  • Springy Fusilli: This skill adds a +40% bonus to Initiative.
  • Overdeveloped Sense of Self Preservation: Passively adds a +20% bonus to Initiative.
    • Initiative is important for LTSynergy and Spellslinging alike.
  • Double-Fisted Skull Smashing: Allows you to equip two one-handed weapons.
    • The one-handed utensils are some of the best Spell Damage increasers you'll find during your ascension (aside from the kickback cookbook, an off-hand item available only to Mysticality classes and Accordion Thieves once they can access other classes' stores at level 9). This skill will let you equip two of them.


  • Knob Goblin tongs: +2 Spell Damage
    • Adventuring in the Outskirts of Cobb's Knob is not recommended, so you'll never use one of these.
  • Gnollish pie server: +3 Spell Damage
    • Gnollish Pie Bakers drop these, so you may find one during the Meatcar quest.
  • Gnollish slotted spoon: +3 Spell Damage
    • Gnollish War Chefs drop these, and you may end up with one depending on how you fare with the Meatcar Quest.
  • Knob Goblin spatula: +4 Spell Damage
    • Knob Goblin Master Chefs drop these, so you may see one while adventuring for food, but the bonus isn't too good, so don't worry if you don't find one.
  • Shiny butcherknife: +5 Spell Damage
    • Dropped by the possessed silverware drawer in the Haunted Kitchen when you run away from the fight. Since you have a 100% chance of getting one if you want it, this is a good early-game utensil.
  • Filthy pestle: +7 Spell Damage
    • Hippies drop this, and now that the Hippy Camp is more or less required, this isn't a bad option at all.
  • Knob Goblin melon baller: +8 Spell Damage
    • Very Mad Knob Goblin Scientists drop these, and +8 spell damage is pretty good for the difficulty of the area. Adventure there if you need some stats before tackling the Friars.
  • Huge spoon: +10 Spell Damage
    • Gluttonous Ghuols drop these, and delaying the purification of the Defiled Cranny will make it easier to find one.
  • iron pasta spoon: +10 Spell Damage
    • Frozen Mob Penguin may yield one of these when used. If you already have the clovers to get the penguins it can be a turn cheap way of getting a utensil.
  • chopsticks: +12 Spell Damage
    • The rice bowl ninja snowman drops this. The damage boost is very good and it provides +20% Initiative. If the Icy Peak is still too tough for you after completing the Tr4pz0r's quest, you might want to look for chopsticks.
  • Oversized pizza cutter: +13 Spell Damage
    • MechaTech MechaMechs drop these. Look for one while you're getting the S.O.C.K.
  • Silver shrimp fork: +14 Spell Damage
    • Acquired by completing a mini-quest involving The Haunted Bedroom. Because it requires mysticality to equip, dual-wielding is difficult, if not downright impossible.
  • Star spatula: +15 Spell Damage
    • All your stars and lines will be tied up in creating the items necessary for the NS's Lair, so you'll never use this.
  • Rib of the Bonerdagon: +15 Spell Damage
    • Usually the Necklace is a better item because of the Initiative boost, but if you already have enough initiative, you might want to consider grabbing the Rib instead of the Vertebrae.
  • Kickback cookbook: +20 Spell Damage
    • If you're using the strategy as a Sauceror or Pastamancer, you'll have access to the Kickback cookbook, which is far better than any other off-hand choice.

Further Reading

While it is disputed whether Suzy III was actually the first to make spellslinging popular, her guide is certainly useful.