Spice melange

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spice melange
spice melange

This is a tiny amount of orangeish powder -- a mysterious mix of mysterious spices, made even more mysterious by the mysterious digestive processes of a sandworm. One or more of those instances of "mysterious" should probably be replaced by "disgusting."

Type: usable
Level required: 6
Cannot be discarded

(In-game plural: quantities of spice melange)
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Item number: 3433
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Obtained From

drum machine
giant sandworm
Obsoleted Areas/Methods
Summoned Level 10 Boba Fettucini as a Pastamancer
giant sandworm

When Used

  • Attempting to use without having consumed food or booze yet that day:
You start to eat the spice melange, but then you get the sense that it'd be a waste to do it now.
  • First use per day:
You pop the spice melange into your mouth and chew it up. You're thinking to yourself "self, this stuff has a surprisingly pleasant cinnamon taste to it," when suddenly your senses kick into overdrive.

There is an audible buzz as your metabolism speeds up and your consciousness expands. You become aware of every mote of air as it dances around you. Possible futures unfold before you. You especially like the ones where you're rich, famous and drunk.

After a while, the more intense effects of the spice wear off. You wipe the drool off your chin and, invigorated and refreshed by the experience, resolve to get back to business.
  • Attempting to use more than one a day:
You're too scared to eat any more of that stuff today.



  • Implemented on July 4, 2008, with the announcement "Giant sandworms now have drops, including a cool and rare new item. He who controls it controls the universe!"


  • The name of the item and the remark in the announcement about controlling the universe are, like the sandworms themselves, references to melange from Frank Herbert's novel Dune.
  • The usage of "You think to yourself, 'Self...'" was popularized by Emeril Lagasse, but is actually an older expression whose origins are unknown.
  • The effects are also a continuing reference to the spice in the aforementioned Dune novels. Specifically, it references the traits of the Kwisatz Haderachs Paul Atreides and his son Leto, who attained almost perfect foreknowledge of the future through the intake of large quantities of spice essence.


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