Spooky Gravy Fairy

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Spooky Gravy Fairy

Gloomy companion
doesn't really want to help
but, fine, whatever.

Attacks enemies and increases item drops from monsters

Ability: Has the effect of a Baby Gravy Fairy, plus additional spooky damage.

Throne/Bjorn: +20 Spooky Damage, sometimes drops spooky nuggets.

Hatchling: Blackshroo.gif pregnant gloomy black mushroom

Familiar-Specific Equipment: Carton.gif miniature carton of clove cigarettes

Arena.gif Ultimate Cage Match Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Hide and Seek
Olive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gifOlive.gif Olive.gif Olive.gifOlive.gif

Mumming Trunk Abilities:

+15% Meat Drop 6-10 MP +3 Muscle statgain +15% Item Drop +4 Mysticality statgain 8-10 HP +2 Moxie statgain
Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif Hardcorex.gif
*Hover for details
Dasboot.gifCannot breathe underwater
Combat Messages
  • Regular messages:
    <name> gives your opponent a sullen glance, and sighs dramatically, rolling her eyes. Its feelings are hurt, causing X damage.
    <name> takes a drag on her clove cigarette while gesturing disdainfully at some stuff your opponent dropped.
  • Enthroned in the Crown of Thrones:
    <Name> showers you with terrifying nuggets. And not the ordinarily terrifying kind, where you don't know which parts of the chicken went into them. These nuggets are actually spooky.
    Scnuggets.gifYou acquire an item: spooky nuggets
  • Bjornified in the Buddy Bjorn:
    <Name> makes some spooky nuggets for you. What exactly are spooky nuggets? Nobody knows. That's what's so spooky about them.
    Scnuggets.gifYou acquire an item: spooky nuggets
  • With lucky Tam O'Shanter equipped:
    <name> gives you a brief, sarcastic smirk.
  • With miniature gravy-covered maypole equipped:
    <name> does some kind of goofy... er, spooky goth dance around the maypole.
  • With wax lips equipped:
    <name> smirks and blows clove-scented smoke through her wax lips.

Arena Messages

  • None - familiar has no weaknesses.


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