Spookyraven Manor Quest

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Spookyraven Manor exists in the Right Side of the Tracks, but you can't adventure anywhere other than its pantry unless you read the telegram from Lady Spookyraven.


Lady Spookyraven's Necklace (First Floor)

  • Use the telegram from Lady Spookyraven, which should be in your KMail right in the beginning of your Ascension, or when you reach Level 5 if you haven't ascended.
  • Adventure in The Haunted Kitchen until you find the Spookyraven billiards room key. Finding the key requires you to open some drawers, which you do at the end of every combat. The number of drawers opened is based on either your Hot or Stench resistance. You open 1+floor(R/3), R being your Hot or Stench resistance. The number of drawers opened is capped at 4. You will find the key the turn after opening your 21st drawer.
  • Adventure in The Haunted Billiards Room to find the Spookyraven library key:
    • Obtaining the key requires you to beat the spectre in pool in Welcome To Our ool Table. Your chance of winning is based on your Pool Skill. At least 14 "units" are required; at 18, your victory is guaranteed. There are multiple ways to increase your Pool Skill:
      • Equipping the pool cue gives +3 Pool Skill, and having the effect Chalky Hand from a handful of hand chalk gives +3 Pool Skill.
      • In Welcome To Our ool Table, choosing the first option but losing gives you +1 Pool Skill. Choosing the 2nd option gives +1 Pool Skill, or +2 Pool Skill if you have the Chalky Hand effect. These sources do not carry over ascensions.
      • The Lucky! adventure in the Billiards Room has two options. The first option permanently adds to your Pool Skill, and can be stacked to a maximum of +10. The second option drops a cube of billiard chalk, which gives the effect Chalked Weapon, which gives you +5 Pool Skill.
      • Each point of Drunkenness gives you +1 Pool Skill, to a maximum of +10. Each point of Drunkenness above 10 will decrease your Pool Skill by 2.
      • See Pool Skill for other sources, although the rest are encountered much later in the ascension.
  • Adventure in The Haunted Library until you find Lady Spookyraven's necklace, which is dropped from the fifth writing desk you defeat.
  • Once you have the necklace, Lady Spookyraven will appear in the manor. Give the necklace to her.

Lady Spookyraven's Dance (Second Floor)

Lady Spookyraven's Babies (Third Floor)

  • Wait for Lady Spookyraven to send you a third KMail, asking you to come to the Third Floor.
  • Speak to Lady Spookyraven. She will give you a dusty poppet, a rickety rocking horse, and an antique jack-in-the-box.
  • Corral Lady Spookyraven's babies to The Haunted Laboratory:
    • Every 5 turns, you will encounter a non-combat adventure which gives you the option to use one of three toys. Each baby has a toy it loves and a toy it hates, with no babies sharing likes or dislikes.
    • If you use a toy that a baby in the room hates, the baby will run away to another room. You may attract another baby that loves the toy into the room you're in.
    • Each baby will initially be located in different rooms. That is, each zone contains only one baby at the start.
    • Babies can only move between rooms clockwise in the following pattern: Storage Room > Laboratory > Nursery > Storage Room. For example, if you chase a baby out of the Storage Room, it will move to the Laboratory, and if a baby that loves the toy is in the Nursery, it will move to the Storage Room, and so forth.
      • Therefore, the easiest way to complete this quest is to simply adventure at only the Storage Room, lure the baby located at the Nursery, then chase two of the babies out of the Storage Room to the Laboratory.
  • Once you corralled all three babies to the Laboratory, you will obtain a jar of baby ghosts.
  • Give the jar to Lady Spookyraven.


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