Staff of Frozen Lard

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Staff of Frozen Lard
Staff of Frozen Lard

A magically-frozen chunk of walrus lard on a scrimshawed tusk. Chef-Magi truly use every part of their victims.

Type: weapon (1-handed chefstaff)
Damage: 1 - 2
Mysticality Required: 200
Cannot be traded or discarded

Spell Damage +200%
+20 Damage to Cold Spells
+20 Damage to Sleaze Spells
Regenerate 15-20 MP per adventure

(In-game plural: Staves of Frozen Lard)
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Item number: 10035
Description ID: 336712990
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Chefstaff8.gif pristine walrus tusk 3 moosemeat pies 3 glasses of beaver punch (peach) 30 cold wads 30 sleaze wads
Equals.gif Staff of Frozen Lard

In Combat

Jiggle your Staff of Frozen Lard

You jiggle the staff and a spike of frozen lard blasts out of its tip, impaling your foe for 30-40 (+30-40) damage and briefly pinning <them> to a nearby tree.


  • Staggers the enemy.
  • You can only jiggle your staff once per fight.

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