Staff of the Deepest Freeze

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Staff of the Deepest Freeze
Staff of the Deepest Freeze

Have you ever wondered what it would take to give brain freeze to somebody made of ice cream? This staff knows, and while it isn't telling you, it is revealing several nearly-as-interesting mysteries about the nature of the coldest parts of the universe. Teaser: They're really cold.

Type: weapon (1-handed chefstaff)
Damage: 1 - 2
Mysticality Required: 200
Cannot be traded or discarded

Spell Damage +200%
+30 Damage to Cold Spells
Regenerate 20-30 MP per adventure

(In-game plural: Staves of the Deepest Freeze)
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Item number: 3390
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Chefstaff8.gif Frosty's arm bowl of fishysoisse 3 mandarina coladas epic wad 3 glacial sapphires frigid mote
Equals.gif Staff of the Deepest Freeze

In Combat

Jiggle your Staff of the Deepest Freeze
You jiggle the chefstaff and point it at your opponent, who is suddenly encased in ice. It melts, but not before dealing 40-50 damage and leaving it noticeably shaken.
Monster AttackMonster attack power reduced by 10-15
Monster DefenseMonster defense reduced by 10-15


  • You can only jiggle your staff once per fight.

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