Staff of the Lunch Lady

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Staff of the Lunch Lady
Staff of the Lunch Lady

From her fat, greasy little fingers to her filthy apron, the Lunch Lady only wants one thing: to feed you at least enough that the school doesn't get sued. And this is her staff. Not, like, the stoners and ex-cons who also work in the cafeteria, but her magic staff.

Type: weapon (1-handed chefstaff)
Damage: 1 - 2
Mysticality Required: 75
Cannot be traded or discarded
Quest Item

Spell Damage +75%
Maximum HP/MP +15
Regenerate 5-6 MP per adventure
+25% Food Drops from Monsters

(In-game plural: Staves of the Lunch Lady)
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Item number: 6662
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Balsa.gif 2 jigsaw blades 6 balsa planks 4 blobs of wood glue
Equals.gif Staff of the Lunch Lady


  • Jiggling this chefstaff produces no message and appears to do nothing other than pass the combat round.
  • You can only jiggle your staff once per fight.
  • This item is available only during a special challenge path. It will be removed from your inventory when you leave the path, either by breaking the prism to free King Ralph XI, or by dropping the path.

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